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Hungry for Web Marketing Success? Take a Bite with Snackable Content

Is your business starving for web marketing success? Do you want to keep the attention of a hungry customer base? Then we have one menu item that can serve your business’ interests well and work to its advantage – Snackable Content! In a time where we’re so actively looking at our phones for hours, Snackable Content is imperative to your business growth. Businesses that rely on a customer-facing model need to work with a web design company to be one step ahead of the curve.  

At 360 Marketing, we’ll provide guidance on adapting to the changing ways of digital content and why utilizing snackable content will be helpful for you. We’ll go over how to make different forms of Snackable Content and the best ways to use them for your business. 


What is Snackable Content? 

So what exactly is Snackable Content? Think of them like bite-sized pieces of digital content that are frequently consumed and shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The goal of Snackable Content is to target the people who don’t have the time or patience to engage with long-form, text articles.

Their highly visual nature makes them effective at capturing someone’s attention as they scroll through their social online channel feeds. It’s especially useful for people who rely on their mobile devices because the content is easy to find, understand and highly intuitive. 

Snackable Content is easily digestible and delicious content that can work well for your business’s Public Relations; the content is attention-grabbing, visually heavy and emotionally compatible with the user.


How Do You Write Snackable Content? 

Writing Snackable Content is simple enough to create, but grabbing the results you want depends on your approach. It should be easy to understand, relatable, and evoking empathy. For example, strong visual elements like photos or infographics play a huge role in winning over an audience. You can pair them with attention-grabbing headlines that use comedy to reel your targeted audience in.  

Be warned, however, as people can detect clickbaity headlines that don’t use high-quality content. Your company should constantly evaluate their approach to writing Snackable Content along with the headlines you use for them. Always remember to avoid misleading gimmicks and create high-quality content that backs up your headline with great arguments, fun facts, and helpful information. 


What Are Some Forms of Snackable Content?

Now that you have an understanding of Snackable Content, what are good examples of Snackable Content in action? As mentioned previously, the key ingredients for an ideal post in this manner are the ease of understanding, relatability, and empathy. Here are different ways you can put these elements to use.


  • Quote Graphics

Quote graphics can command and retain your customer’s attention by appealing to their curiosity. These kinds of posts use well-known quotes by famous public figures to help communicate your brand to people who may find it inspiring. This can show how your business shares some of the same values as the person they’re quoting, drawing more people to discover what you’re all about. 


  • Memes

The favourite and most recognized format of Snackable Content is memes. Memes are made to be immediate, attention-grabbing posts that entertain your followers. They can be easily read and shared on other peoples’ social media feeds. Be careful, however, as the straightforward nature of this format can create misunderstanding. You should always consider if the meme is appropriate before posting one publicly. 


  • Infographics

Infographics are perfect for conveying information in an easy-to-understand, practical manner. They can be informative posts that utilize smooth visuals, loose structures, and accessible text to get your brand and message across clearly. Moreover, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create them as free applications like Canva let you create your infographic from several templates. 


  • Gifs

Setting aside whether or not it’s pronounced with a hard or soft G, gifs can be versatile content for your business with the ability to be very engaging. Gifs show short videos or animated images in a silent loop that can captivate your audience and capture specific emotions and reactions. They don’t necessarily have to serve a big purpose as some can be enjoyed purely for amusement and entertainment. 


Overall, Snackable Content can be a quick way to engage with people on social media. You can post your content on many platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. You can also use management tools such as Hootsuite or Later to create, curate and schedule several snackable Content posts at once. 

You run your business. Leave the Snackable Content up to us.

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Using Chatbots to Boost Your Business in 2021 | Responsive Website Design Company

Back in the day, artificial intelligence was reserved solely for Sci-Fi movies. Today AI is found even in the most trivial uses from ordering a cheeseburger to helping you navigate you through a new neighbourhood. At 360 marketing, we love the use of artificial intelligence to leverage our clients with the latest technology. As an experienced amp website design company, our eyes and ears are always open to the latest trends. When you’re on a website, the last thing you want is a run-around that leads you nowhere – here is where installing a Chatbot on your site can benefit your business.

Chatbots offer the best of both worlds – you can automate a huge part of your customer communication process without having to sacrifice the integral exceptional customer service experience. These AI power tools are about to be everywhere, and it’s important to incorporate them into your strategy today. While some think that the ‘robots are taking all of our job’, let’s be clear – robots actually enhance the human engagement component and help your company make more profit. Interested in how we make that happen? We’ll break it down.


What are chatbots?

Just like any software platform, chatbots are a program to facilitate conversations between you and your customers. You can customize your chatbots with endless key phrases and specific answers to frequently asked questions (How much do you charge for your services? What’s your return policy?) and allows you to free up your time for more important business matters.

The best part? The more questions the chatbot is asked, the better the software gets at answering them. You have endless possibilities on where you can install these handy little virtual assistants, from your website to your Facebook page.


Chatbots bridge the gap between marketing and sales

Bots are a fantastic way to gather information about potential customers and can help multiply leads by setting your sales team up for success. You can get marketing and sales on the same page, converting reputable prospects into loyal customers. 

Chatbots can start more conversations and have a high degree of personalization when dealing with your leads. At the end of the day, the more tailored your marketing strategies are, the higher the chances of conversion. 


How are chatbots going to help me drive my sales?

…by marketing your brand. You, a passionate and ambitious business owner, know that better than anybody. Chatbots give you the ability to ease your marketing strategies by automating a large part of the process, freeing time for you and your team to develop other professional areas. 

Here are some vital benefits that a chatbot can help your business boom:

  • Quickly greeting your prospects when they first stumble upon your website. If you had a brick-and-mortar business, you would probably have a designated greeter to welcome your customers through the door – think of your chatbot as your friendly virtual greeter.
  • Helps with scheduling and customer service calls. Instead of going back and forth in an email, have your chatbot schedule onboarding sessions and important meetings with your customers without having to wait hours for a response.
  • Creates a time-efficient experience for your customers, increasing their chances of a return to your website. Important details from every lead can be quickly gathered from the interaction, helping you build an accurate user profile for each user.


Using Chatbots for your digital marketing strategy is the way of the future | 360 Marketing Firm

Now that you know the basics of all things chatbot, call us to integrate this virtual assistant into your marketing strategy. We can help you integrate your brand’s stamp on your target audience while strengthening your customer relationships and solidifying your online visibility.

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4 Emerging Social Channels in 2021 to Improve Your Traffic and Boost Conversions | How 360 Marketing Develops Smart Strategies for the Future

Social media trends have solidified one factor – the significant influence in gaining conversions. While trends come and go, permanent platforms can help you reach global status and root your brand in dependability, integrity and quality.

At 360 Marketing, we’re one step ahead of the game. We’re constantly researching what’s up and coming and what’s quickly on the way out. We’re a marketing agency that is an amp website design company, geo-conquesting connoisseurs and a friendly face that can tell you the honest progress of your business. Emerging new apps can enhance the overall customer experience, from finding your product faster to rewarding them for choosing your services. That’s a win-win situation that everyone can benefit from.

We would love to chat with you! Call us at (416) 619-7935 and give your business the smart strategies to propel forward.


4 social channels to implement in your business strategy

As the influencer market emerges from the infinite videos and photos that are currently in the digital universe, so are new apps and trends that are bound to take on 2021 by storm. 

Why not take advantage of the opportunities and continually grow your leads and conversions while improving your digital playground? Here are 4 apps that are sure to be fun for the user while helping you attract the right audience and boost your sales.

  • AltSpace VR

Virtual Reality has accumulated a lot of traction in the last few years, and we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. AltSpace VR is a virtual reality social media network that offers its users a more immersive experience. Want to learn a new language while you’re embracing your ‘me time’? You can take a virtual language class. Amongst educational purposes, you can also use this app to virtually ignite a discussion about your brand, host a training class and connect with potential customers on a more customized level.

  • Asana 

Staying on track with deadlines and keeping up with client promises is a priority to ensure your business maintains positive online visibility and a close partnership with loyal clients. Asana is a digital project management platform that helps you keep track of every detail of client interaction, important deadline and help you deliver superior service. Think of Asana as your personal assistant that facilitates tight deadlines and keeps you in check.

  • UserGems

Influencer marketing is a type of branding that relies on key leaders to amplify your business on a larger global scale. A majority of online influencers tend to be well-known celebrities, Youtube vloggers and pop-culture personalities can influence rapid and meaningful conversions. UserGems finds people who are actively promoting you on social media platforms to larger audiences. You are presented with a list of potential influencers, from which you can select and further develop a meaningful business relationship. 

  • Referral Candy

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? We sure do! 

Referral Candy incorporates the credibility of your brand with the incentive of giving your clients free merchandise without affecting your profit. The best way to grow your business is through one happy customer at a time, and that said happy customer is sure to spread the word about how great your products and services are! 

When a client redirects a new client to your business, they get to receive gifts, vouchers, and more. The best part is that you get to decide the customizable reward that works best for you, while your clients are reaping the benefits. 


Contact 360 Marketing to your company’s online visibility and social credibility! 

Being ahead of the game means preparing for the game-winning touchdown, day in day out. Now, we’re no professional athletes, but we can rival their work ethic. 2021 is already full of market-changing trends, and we want to ensure that you can fully integrate the benefits of different social platforms into your strategy.

We can take care of the behind-the-scenes work while you continue to achieve your goals and visions for your business. Call us today and stay ahead in 2021. 


How Online Reviews Can Significantly Impact Your Brand Reputation & How 360 Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Online Credibility During COVID-19!

Mark Cuban, a billionaire extraordinaire and a modern-day Renaissance man, offers this little golden nugget to all those that are facing challenges with their small business during the pandemic; he says, “Rather than focusing on how bad it is, focus on how you can use this time to connect with your future customers.” 360 Marketing takes that advice seriously and puts it to great use in leveraging your company to success despite the COVID-19 era.

So we find ourselves in unprecedented times with the pandemic turning a year old just a few weeks back. Your online reputation is on the line with fewer clients coming into your store, and a decrease in your Google searches. Not to fret, there is always a silver lining to the infinite black hole that is the Internet. We are here to protect your online reputation using tried and true methods like amp website design and geo-conquesting, to help shift your business strategies to help guide you through difficult times. 

The best part about the digital market is that it’s constantly changing, which allows you to find fresh and innovative ways to attract a new brand of customers. So how do you effectively shift your company to adapt to new and continuous changes while still maintaining your strong online reputation? Take our hand – we’ll lead the way.


Tip 1: Improve Your Customer Reviews

93% of people are influenced to purchase your services or products based on online reviews.

You might be thinking to yourself, “What if I don’t have any current customer reviews?”. Having no reviews is just as damaging as having negative reviews. While COVID-19 has halted many future endeavours, it has also granted you the ability to connect with potential customers organically. 

Encouraging your customers to leave a positive review of your business can go further than dropping your prices to get more revenue. At the end of the day, people are willing to pay more for exceptional service than cheap out on a subpar product. Positive review = credible online reputation.


Tip 2: Monopolize Word-of-Mouth Marketing

With all social media apps, online review sites and various digital platforms the grasp of our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to voice your opinion about a particular business. When you get a great haircut at a fantastic price, you’re going to be eager to tell everyone about your new mane. On the other hand, when the hair salon has cut off 10 inches when you asked for a ‘light trim’ you’re going to be inclined to tell people that the salon needs better professionals and not worth their money.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends. 

To think of it, we rely heavily on the opinions of strangers opinions to guide us to a fantastic experience. When you have a solid online reputation, it’s not just you that spreads the good news about your company, it’s all your clients!


Tip 3: A Strong Online Reputation Reduces the Impact of a Negative Review

It takes nearly 40 positive reviews to onset one bad review. 

While a negative review can be harsh, a stable online reputation can help mitigate the damage that arises from the negative review. Fewer people will pay attention to the negative review if they have a positive collaboration with you, or they trust your brand. 

You can’t avoid negative reviews. Even Amazon Prime has a long list of nay-sayers and they deliver your package within 24 hours. You can, however, control the impact of negative reviews by building a strong online reputation that backs up your credibility score and enables a trustworthy partnership with you and your clients to organically grow.


Review your Online Reputation and Grow your Opportunities for Long-Term Success with 360 Marketing!

Your online reputation extends to more than just your business looking good – it’s guaranteeing that your company survives through unprecedented times and is fully equipped to continually grow and adapt to success patterns.

Take your online reputation seriously and call our experts today! We’ll make sure to leave you a great review.

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Be at The Forefront of a Digital Revolution! 5 Advantages of a Strong Social Platform | Social Media Company in Vaughn

2021 is your time to establish your company as a global leader, are you ready?

50% of small businesses in Canada aren’t using social media to leverage their business objectives. That is 1 in 2 companies that miss out on expanding their audience and capitalizing on imperative financial gains. 

The digital forefront that enables the same companies to skyrocket their revenues is the same platform that enables millions of shares to circulate daily – shares that can positively affect your overall brand awareness. 360 Marketing is more than just a social media company in Vaughn – we continually research cutting-edge trends to help set you apart from your competitors. 

The disconnect between those with influential social platforms and those who are solely engaged in brick and mortar means has been made transparent in the last decade. We want you to succeed in a technologically-saturated era, so our SEO company in Vaughn has come up with 5 ways that enable your business to soar like an eagle amongst turkeys.


5 Advantages in Having a Powerful Social Platform

In no particular order, let’s examine how a powerful social media platform can accelerate your business and increase your conversions:


5) Connect with Your Target Buyers

Identifying the trends in your audience and listening to their queries and concerns can help you create a trusting partnership with your consumers. By attentively choosing to hear what your consumers have to say, you can further develop fool-proof strategies that work in your favour. If you continuously advertise a service or product that is lacking in target interest, you are likely losing profits. Switch your focus on a hot-ticket item that your clients are raving about and immediately boost your financial gains while letting your consumers know that you’re listening to them.


4) Provide Superior Customer Service

A strong investment in customer service creates long-lasting client partnerships. You can separate your brand from the competition through active user engagement. Grow daily by taking into consideration customer feedback, and thank your consumers for choosing you above all else. While technological innovations are constantly changing, premium customer service will always be the top strategy in maintaining your client base.


3) Direct Social Traffic to Your Site

Social platforms have the magical power of keeping potential customers engaged in your brand while redirecting them to your website without making the user feeling overwhelmed.

Only 2% of website users purchase something online on their first visit – for the rest of the 98%, you need to reach them using a punchy social platform.

Social media channels allow multiple traffic streams that lead to cold-hard conversions. Apart from most social media platforms being free, you can set up campaigns, smartly advertise what you’re providing and develop loyal, paying customers.


2) Learn About Your Competitors

Healthy competition enables you to strive to do better than the day before. With millions of social media networks available on the online marketplace, you need to establish yourself as an entrepreneur. Researching strategies that can attract your audience, implementing ways of expanding your consumer base and generating leads is spearheaded by the drive to be better than the competition. 


1) Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Your drive and passion for your business are what started your company. Your ROI is what maintains you in business. Through the use of digital marketing, you can reach anywhere from hundreds to millions of potential buyers. Curious users can click on an ad that they saw on Instagram and transform it into paying customers while costing you a fraction of what you have been paying for tangible marketing campaigns, like newsletters, direct mail and billboards.


Increase Your Leads and Establish Your Brand in 2021 – Experienced Social Media Company in Vaughn, ON

An all-embracing social media presence is a perfect balance of skill, strategy and creativity. Don’t let years of hard work get pushed aside because your social media platform is weak. Embrace the power of the digital platform!

Is your business ready to be the best? Let’s talk!