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Most of us know the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”, but we don’t think that should apply to your business. 

Let’s say that you need a new vacuum because your old one broke. You type into Google, “great vacuum at a good price” and research multiple vacuum cleaners with the intention of buying one in the nearby future. You make yourself a cup of coffee and come back to your computer only to find that there are multiple vacuum ads popping up on your screen – that is called “Remarketing”. Remarketing utilizes website cookies to help you find the exact product you’re looking for, even when you forget about the product a month later.

Each year, there are over 22 billion ad clicks on Facebook, while remarketing gets you 3 times the engagement compared to regular Facebook ads.

Google Ads allows you to remarket your products and services through their platform. The way it works is that when you search for a topic on the search engine, Google memorizes your interest and triggers ads to show to you similar ads that relate to your topic across multiple sites in the Google Display Network. Facebook has its own remarketing algorithm, by the name of “Custom Audiences” that connects the visitor to your brand.

Remarketing enables your target audience to be reminded that you are offering valuable products and services in relation to their requirements. You ensure the visitor that you have exactly what they’re seeking, and in turn, they buy your product because you have more visibility than your competition. Through strategic and repetitive methods of marketing, your business can reap the rewards of increased leads and greater audience reach amongst a multitude of different websites and pages.

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