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Bad Links Removal

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We analyze all the links on your website and compile a list of low-quality and unnatural links. These links are the most likely culprit for affecting your Google ranking negatively, and may even bring penalties to a specific page, or worse, your entire site – this will result in a substantial traffic reduction.

The list of links is sent to you for review and once it is approved, we begin the removal process. There is no quick fix for this method, we often need to contact sites directly to get them to remove links. With most projects of up to 1,200 domains, the time estimate for completion is 2 to 3 weeks.

An average site that had SEO work done may expect to see up to 50% of domains with poor quality. When you are estimating the volume of links likely required to be deleted in the bad link removal service, use the number of referring domains to your site as the base. For example, if your site shows 5,000 domain links, you can expect the average of 2,500 domains to result in poor quality. Numbers may vary from site to site and can be much higher for those who used aggressive SEO by a non-Google Partner company before 2014.


Prevent Google Penalties

We strive to get the highest back-link removal rate possible, which is why we do almost everything manually. Once these low-quality/unnatural links are removed the recovery process starts. Google does not drop all removed links instantly, it takes time for them to re-crawl those links and remove them from the indexed list.

In some cases you would also need to send a Disavow file and a Reconsideration request, this is typically required when your website received a Manual Google Penalty.

Disavow and Reconsideration are included with our service. We continue to follow the results of the link removal by monitoring GWT.

There is a chance of having both algorithmic and manual penalties for some sites. As an example, your site may have a large amount of duplicate content, or maybe one of many duplicate sites for the same business in a cluster also known as satellite sites and may have penalties to do with links. Our work is not limited to removing only the links, we additionally evaluate each project and provide a complete work plan to remove as many penalties as you desire.

Why Your Business Needs Bad Link Removal

During the initial evaluation, we will present you with a report to show the path we suggest for ongoing success while explaining the reasons and risk factors. Once completed another report will show the results of the work that has been done. Depending on the type of penalties we deal with, we will also share the disavow and reconsideration reports with you before submitting them to Google.

Although it is impossible to guarantee 100% success, our average project will result in the removal of your algorithmic and manual penalties in one easy step.  

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