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Paid Classifieds

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Paid classifieds are a form of advertising which have gained popularity by expanding its reach to the online world. Beginning in forms of print, radio and television before making its’ way to the internet. These internet advertisements generally include a written description stating information about the product or service being offered, pricing or special promotions, an image to attract attention and of course, contact information.

These types of advertisements increase visibility and are able to reach markets that are mostly owned by private individuals that are searching to buy price-sensitive services or products.

Unlike printed material, paid classifieds are targeted at your local area and easy to find because they are grouped into specific categories. For example; Electronics – Phones – Cell Phone Accessories.

Paid classified websites include Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay, BuySell, AdPost and many more. These urban ad communities can be used specifically depending on which one would contribute the most relevant traffic.

Websites like those mentioned above, have very high volumes of fresh, daily traffic and these people are most often those who search with the intent to take action in a short period of time. They find exactly what they need, make a purchase, and leave the site.


How are your prospective customers making their decisions?

It is important to determine what factors contribute to the informed decision of your prospective customers. By pinpointing what matters to your prospective client, we will be able to directly target their needs and fulfill them seamlessly.

For example, in our current age of information, a consumer can now walk into a Best Buy store with the intention of buying a new TV, knowing the exact brand, rating, model and desirable price point they want simply as a result of being able to search, compare and review products and services online, right in the comfort of their own home.

Smart AdWords Advertising

AdWords, also referred to as Pay-Per-Clicks advertising, are strategically implemented to target your online clients in a direct way. AdWords are designed for competitive digital environments, and only proficient advertisers can truly thrive in this realm.

Our Pay-Per-Click campaign service integrates industry-test strategies, consistent optimization, testing and campaign research – all done with the intention of maximizing the form and function of all of your campaigns. 360 provides experienced and reliable knowledge with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

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Boost your business to the top

  • Set campaign goals that are based on your needs and budget
  • Identify new revenue opportunities for your website
  • Optimize your target list of PPC keywords
  • Test PPC campaigns in real-time to understand and generate traffic to your site
    • Present a detailed analysis of your industry competitors
    • Enhance ad creation & optimization
    • Provide ROI measurements & optimization tips
    • Increase in-depth keyword discovery
    • Monitor ongoing campaign tracking
    • Offer regular campaign progress reporting
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