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Your website is your place of doing business in the digital era. Every account joining 360 goes through a detailed conversion analysis including conversion areas on your site and power pages that are strongly linked to search volume opportunities that will increase your business.

The conclusions are reported back to the business and suggestions are made. Although it is not always feasible to implement all suggestions, recognizing and understanding how people interact with your online place of business is important and plans can be made over time to improve. Conversion analysis is done by highly experienced marketing consultants or often by partners, each of whom has well over a decade of hands-on marketing experience.

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Why Don't I see a rise in profitable conversions?

There are 3 main factors that can contribute to a loss or lack of customer leads:

1. Insufficient Content: It is vital that you provide the website viewer with your contact information on every single page of your website; this allows for the user to have access to your contact information when they are about to decide on selecting your products and/or services. It is also important to accurately, persuasively and effectively describe your products and/or services for the website viewer.

2. Poor Layout and Design: Your website should have as few distractions as possible. Your website should feel streamlined in content with design so that website viewers understand who you are, what you do, what your industry is what who your target market is.

3. Site search and Navigation: Your website layout should be as easy as possible to navigate through, making it easy for the viewers of your website to read up on and select your specified products and services as easily as possible.

How 360 Can boosts your business profits

360 focuses on paid advertising, organic traffic which also includes social media and video.

The purpose of your website is to essentially generate leads that will create customer conversions. In order to accomplish this, we must assess and analyze all the factors which contribute to the functions and purpose of your website. We do this by first asking: how ready and able is your site – as it is today – to generate a lead? We begin by determining what is missing on your website that may be contributing to your loss or lack of conversions. It is vital to the success of your brand that you take heed of your website’s conversions as online prosperity is determined by way of your website’s conversions.

Your website will be tested for its usability in order to determine if it is functioning as it should be. Our analysis covers both desktop home or office users as well as mobile location-based users. It is important that your site is using a responsive design. By deciphering conversion rates, we will be able to determine the usability of your site, which is directly connected with your website’s conversion rates. It is vital that your website is engaging, informative, easy to navigate through and trustworthy; any faltering will contribute to prospective customers feeling deterred from contacting you, buying from you or trusting you.

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