360 Mission Statement

To bring our client's best offers in front of relevant audiences efficiently. We will work smart to learn what the direct competition on search are doing and get your business to compete using the latest of online marketing technologies and in compliance with Google search and paid algorithms. We have proactively experienced for many of our clients the power of ongoing influential marketing, engage, influence, call to action, convert, track and repeat.

360 Ongoing Marketing Research

Online marketing changes everyday and so do we. At 360 we invest in the research, evaluation and testing of new trends, marketing technologies and changes to the Google algorithm and hold Google academy certificates.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Everyday, thousands of people go on Google to look for products and services your business may provide, but…they’re not finding you. This means that your business is losing out on relevant leads and sales that could really help you get an edge on your competition. But with a smart Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, all of that can change – starting with getting found online and capturing a previously untapped market. In fact, studies have shown that over 50% of Google users click on one of the top three search results, and roughly 70% go directly to the results listed on the first page.

Conversion Landing Pages

360 is a complete solution, we will improve your site conversion pages to better perform with the traffic that is being funneled through 360, this means test different messages, put up front your business unique selling propositions (USP's), influence, trust, and call to action.


Social Media Marketing

360 uses social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube to create greater awareness through social sharing, our focus is on the actionability of our posts and the traffic social networks bring on to your site. Social media paid ads combined with organic social sharing helps expand the reach of your marketing campaigns and together funnel more business opportunities to you.

Google AdWords and Remarketing

Adwords, also referred to as Pay-Per-Clicks advertising is one of the most effortless ways to target your clients online in the most direct way. However, being that it is a highly competitive environment, only the most proficient of advertisers can truly thrive in this realm. Our Pay-Per-Click campaign service integrates industry-test strategies, consistent optimization, testing and campaign research- all done with the intention of maximizing the form and function of all of your campaigns.

360 is a certified Google Partner, we work closely and efficiently to get more leads for every dollar that goes to Google. We track results, study and filter the traffic, test different messages in ads, all to get the most results for you. Often managed AdWords campaigns generate up to 10 times more leads than unmanaged campaigns or campaigns created in express mode. 360 has vast and deep experience with AdWords and can introduce efficiencies otherwise missed even by some experts in the market - this is a combination of experience, age of the people managing your campaign and professional passion.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design allows your website to be viewed and navigated optimally across a wide range of mobile platforms. In simpler terms, responsive web design makes your website look and perform great whether you are accessing it from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Our job at 360 is to create websites that best reflect your business, products and services and offer an engaging experience for your target audiences. Most of the sites created by 360 are designed to influence and generate actions, that may be signups, downloads or calls.

As marketers we take extra care to make sure the sites we work on will be Google friendly and will be ready to rank on search, why else would you want to build a new website for your business?


Many of our customers experienced Search Engines Optimization (SEO) before joining 360 and saw their rankings on Google go up to one of the top pages. Their process took 6-12 months and resulted in improved site visibility. However with the many algorithm updates from Google. It was not just the cost of the SEO that made them explore other options, it was also the fact they patiently had to wait for 6-12 months to see the results. Beyond the waiting, some business' had to later deal with Google algorithmic and manual penalties to do with the work that was done for them by their SEO company.

Do I Need 360?

Our service plans are designed for all size businesses that target local market(s) for revenues. We work proactively with your team to form an online marketing strategy that works best for your own business. We often start by studying the search behavior of your audiences, reverse engineer your competition to understand what contributes (%) the most to their success online, correctly position your products and services in front of the most likely to convert audiences, then monitor and analyze results. The 360 process is specifically based on the study of what motivates your audiences to take action, time frame, shopping, compare, review, trust, influence and the decision making process. When required we also redesign your website and create content to facilitate a successful campaign that leads to conversions. Our clients are either the business itself or a marketing agency looking for an affordable budget to test which campaign will drive the most business for branding, other clients are looking for a hassle free, one budget, full service marketing agency to quickly and responsively take them through the work required to provide them with a lucrative and targeted visibility along with business leads and conversions. Can you benefit from 360?

360 Technical Marketing Agency Services

If you own a marketing agency and want to efficiently work with a single technical provider who is able to offer strategy,market intelligence, multi-platform advertising and re-marketing using a single budget as well as achieve organic rankings through a procedure that was designed to work well cohesively with the latest search algorithms - you want 360 on your side. 360 offers a fast and professional range of online marketing services, smart packaged procedure designed to generate high and immediate visibility as well as web motivate audiences over time to take pre-defined actions such as registration, applications, contact forms and more. Immediate results is what your customers want to see, and it is what 360 is all about. Speak with us today, start tomorrow!

Why Consider 360?

We all understand the disconnects in most campaigns that are out there. Landing pages designed to bypass challenges with the site homepage, organic campaigns failing because the site is not engaging and high bounce rate (%) is one of the Google signals and often results in lower rankings on search. Any single effort that does not come with real business experience and that is reflected throughout the campaign is likely to cost money, not generate revenues. 360 is a complete, multi-platform, single budget campaign.

What Deliverables Includes With My 360 Campaign?

Your single budget will be used to deliver results.

 What is the size of the local market opportunity – is your product in demand? Who is searching for it? Search behavior, search opportunities, what motivates people to take action from search to leads, which devices are used to search.

 Reverse engineer what contributes most to the online success of your immediate competition and implement the knowledge into your campaign.

 Redesign – Conversion analysis and redesign, integrating the 360 leads tracking (web and mobile), copy, content, graphics, video.

 Display ads – Design, copy and testing (which ones perform best).

 Video commercial – Will be used for paid advertising and re-marketing.

 Organic marketing – When perfectly synchronized with paid advertising it has demonstrated outstanding results.

 Remarketing – Web influence your targeted audiences to return to your site and convert to leads on our system.

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