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Managing your internet reputation is an important asset to your business.

We will work to protect, sustain and maintain your online reputation by way of reports and services that are tailored to your specified industry needs and requirements.

It is vital to your brand reliability to ensure minimal negative “talk” online and maximum positivity in reference to your business. With the use of the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, review boards and customer forums, keeping in mind factors that could be potentially damaging to your brand’s reputation is critical.

Content Marketing (Off-Site Blog & Article Posting) blogging or writing on third-party sites as a guest blogger or article contributor can be deemed as a potential penalty by Google.

To avoid this, Google prefers and recommends only blogging and writing articles for and on Google assets (i.e. Blogger). Not only does this streamline the content and information available online by and for your business, but it also creates authority on a cross-platform level, further engaging your existing and prospective customer base.

Corporate social responsibility is a good thing, not just for the environment, society, and the world at large, but for your company’s reputation.

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Improving Online Reputation through Positive CSR

Some areas of corporate culture have begun to embrace a philosophy that balances the pursuit of profit with a commitment to ethical conduct. Google’s slogan sums up the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) nicely: “Don’t be evil.”

CSR refers to the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

Your business can mitigate the financial impact of potential negative publicity through strategic social investments, following a corporate social responsibility (CSR) business model. CSR is a path to brand reputation management, building a reservoir of goodwill, insuring against a negative public image.

While building trust and positive recommendations from consumers, companies with good corporate social responsibility will also offer protection for their overall reputation. Research indicates that with strong corporate social responsibility comes a buffer against scandals and better resilience against negative actions or information. But perhaps more importantly, it creates a reputation of a reliable and honest company, which is valuable both in marketing and PR, as well as navigating scandals and issues.

John Poleza (Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky) aims to study CSR’s capacity to be leveraged to provide benefits and mitigate harm, and how CSR (corporate support of for charities and social causes) can protect your company reputation and finances.

CSR Ensures the Bottom Line

Three factors can be identified to allow for CSR to be leveraged for social insurance: high effort and commitment, modesty in promoting CSR, and support for causes relevant to a firm’s core business strategy.
  • Developing long-term, high effort, and committed relationships with social causes: Use employee volunteer programs, product donations, and advocacy support. These strategies help build firm reputation, maintain sales, and gain customer goodwill and third-party promotion.
  • Modesty in promoting CSR to gain customer goodwill and third-party promotion: Leading brands such as Citibank, 3M and GE value discreet support for social causes. Tobacco giant Phillip Morris was criticized for spending more on promoting its charitable donations than it donates, and for insincerity in airing its own anti-smoking campaign.
  • Choose social initiatives that fit with your business strategy: Stakeholders see actions as less self-serving when firms make contributions in areas of expertise rather than donating to generic causes. For example, Home Depot provides money, volunteers, and products to help the non-profit KABOOM! build playgrounds for inner-city children.

Corporate Social Responsibilities Statistics to Consider

With higher corporate social responsibility, more supportive consumer behaviour is delivered. Experiencing an excellent corporate social responsibility reputation, companies are enjoying these benefits according to the Reputation Institute. Here are some statistics that have arisen:

  • 89% would recommend the company to others
  • 91% would say something positive about the company
  • 90% would trust the company to do the right thing
  • 89% would buy the company’s products and/or services
According to the Reputation Institute, 89% of consumers are willing to recommend companies with excellent CSR RepTrak scores — but only 6% would recommend companies with poor scores.

Companies that practice good corporate social responsibility stand to gain great value in reputation, including trust, more willing recommendations, a buffer against scandals and other reputation busters, as well as a greater likelihood for consumers to use their products and services. And as consumers, employees, and other stakeholders continue to place more importance on social and environmental causes, it will only become more important to develop a good corporate social responsibility reputation.

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