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SEO Booster Package

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Using match types and tightly-themed ad groups to the newly developed landing pages to get good quality scores, and set the campaigns to accelerated to get plenty of impression share.

We have found this package to be more effective than the average Search Engines Optimization (SEO).

 Moreover, it is safe, search compliant, advantageous to the business visibility, and holds a good reputation as it strengthens the authorship of the business on search. Finally, the obvious benefit is that it is a one-time cost compared to the ongoing costs of SEO.


boost your SEO objectives with confidence

1. Time spent on the page and bounce rate.

2. Search (phrase) variations over time.

The first signal measures traffic behaviour to determine how “sticky” the landing page is. In some cases, we will need to study the behaviour over time of people to suggest changes. Overall, the objective is to achieve a good bounce rate which will result in organic rankings, increased visibility, and client conversions.

The second signal will provide us with insightful actual phrase variations that people use with our targeted phrase, along with very useful information about their behaviour.

Using paid traffic we are able to accelerate analytics, adjust our strategy, achieve faster keyword positive adjustments, and overtime see traffic to the site increase. However, that is not all. Linking the new pages to the AdWords campaign when properly tuned up will result in improved Quality Score and lower bids on relevant search phrases that can be strategic to the business. In some cases it is proven to prioritize paid traffic to a specific AdWords account over the competition based on Google’s best practice.

What if there was a better way to rank your business for relevant Google searches?

SERP Research

As part of our search engine results page research, we evaluate the top 20, 30, and 50 searches used by potential clients . These searches are relevant to the specific products and/or services, and are made with the intention of purchasing or taking other predefined actions. These search results offer valuable information about the queries of relevant audiences.

Researched phrases may be shared with the competition within a specific geographic area. We look at your competition by phrase, and devise strategies to benefit from these measured search volumes. Phrases are structured into Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format.

Industry Research

Each phrase we target will be constructed with an industry-informed perspective that also is mindful of geographical relevance. For example, a service may be relevant to the medical industry, but only in the US or Canada. The target phrase creator must be aware of this geographical variance so that appropriate wording is used.

In order to develop relevant, informative, and engaging content that matches the phrase we are targeting, our team will spend time online researching information and facts to do with the target phrase. This research time may include visits to forums in an effort to better understand people’s content preferences, and what they struggle with finding based on search availability. We also create lists of facts to incorporate into our content and phrases. These lists may need to be later confirmed by the client since every business is different.

  • Key Selling Points

Most people will scan a page with their eyes for 3 seconds prior to reading to see if a site matches their search. We emphasize key selling points to convey the greatest amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Page benefits presented using bullet-points will engage fleeting audiences. A good picture woven into the content area will also win the attention of prospective clients.

  • Content Development

We use information and facts gathered from our industry research to develop the web page content for the site in FAQ format, with the phrase being the question, and the content developed being the answer.

A typical page would vary between 500-700 words and will link to the site through the site menu under FAQ. For the package to work, the site menu should be readable to search and not use flash or Java. In some cases a revised site map will need to be submitted as well.

The new web pages are not hidden from people or search. We create the opposite effect, inviting people to land on new pages directly using organic and paid searches. The pages are created to minimize bounce rates, thereby catering to the base formula for improving your search ranking.

Pages are created and incorporated into the site in phases rather than all at once. This creates an atmosphere and measurable trend of “freshness,” as your website receives dynamic new-page additions over time of as opposed to traditional blog content. In a typical scenario, pages would be added in bulks of 2-5 per week.

Ready to get results sooner and accelerate your business to the top of the Google page? Call us at (416) 619-7935 today!

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