Search engine optimization (SEO)

Improving Search Engine Rankings on Google

Improving search engine rankings on Google is a key goal for many businesses, as a higher ranking can lead to increased traffic, sales, and revenue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s ranking on search engines, such as Google, by optimizing various elements of the site in order to make it more attractive to search engines. SEO is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, as it helps to increase the visibility of a website and make it easier for potential customers to find it when they are searching for products or services online. There are several factors that can influence a website’s ranking on Google, including the quality and relevance of the content, the structure and organization of the site, and the number of links pointing to the site from other websites. By optimizing these and other elements of a website, businesses can improve their search engine rankings and get noticed by Google.

Are you looking to boost your business’s online presence and increase traffic, sales, and revenue? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to getting your website noticed by Google and reaching the top of search results. 360 Business Marketing plans include optimizing various elements of your website, to make it more attractive to search engines and improve its ranking on Google.

Improving search engine rankings on Google can be a critical factor in the success of a business, as a higher ranking can lead to increased traffic, sales, and revenue. There are several ways that businesses can improve their search engine rankings and get noticed by Google:

Reaching out and engaging the audience: Creating high-quality, engaging content is an essential part of improving search engine rankings. By producing content that is interesting, informative, and relevant to your audience, you can increase the chances that it will be shared with others. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as blog posts, articles, videos, and social media posts. As more people share your content, traffic to your website will grow, which can help to improve your search engine rankings.

Creating a loyal audience: Building a loyal audience is another key to improving search engine rankings. This can be achieved through the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By consistently posting engaging content and interacting with your followers, you can increase the number of return visitors to your website, which can help to boost your search engine rankings. In addition, having a strong presence on social media can help to improve your brand visibility and build trust with your audience.

Influencing visitors to take action: Encouraging visitors to take action, such as contacting your business or making a purchase, is an important part of improving search engine rankings. This can be achieved through the use of calls-to-action (CTAs), such as “Call now” or “Contact us,” which can be placed prominently on your website to encourage visitors to get in touch with your business. In addition, making compelling offers, such as discounts or free trials, can also encourage visitors to take action.

Retaining customers: Retaining customers is an important part of improving search engine rankings, as recurrent customers can contribute to your website’s overall traffic and credibility. This can be achieved by providing valuable content that adds value to your customers’ lives, such as blogs, webinars, and newsletters. By consistently providing high-quality content, you can build a loyal customer base that will continue to visit your website and contribute to your search engine rankings. In addition, keeping customers updated on new products, services, and promotions can help to keep them engaged and encourage them to continue doing business with you.


360 Business Marketing Specializes in creating high-quality, engaging content that leads to increased visibility, traffic, and engaged customers. 

Google Analytics 4

Did you remember to upgrade your Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing new hits. If you still rely on Universal Analytics, we urge you to prepare for the future by moving over to Google Analytics 4, the next-generation measurement solution. With its flexible event-based data model, Google Analytics 4 allows you to see unified user journeys across your website and apps. It uses Google’s machine learning to bridge gaps in your data with modeled insights and predictive capabilities that you can use to get better results and grow your business. And it’s built to keep up with a changing ecosystem because it does not rely exclusively on cookies, so you can learn about your customers even with gaps in your data.

Talk to us about upgrading your business to GA4 today.


Boost Your Business’s Leads & Conversions | Get Ahead In Spring By Adopting These Marketing Tips

As the world begins opening up and staying busy again, many people are looking for different things and services they need to help them get back to where they were before. Whether it’s a service or product, people will often turn to social media or Internet search engines to find the things they’re looking for. This is where your business can strike fast to keep a consistent flow of leads towards your operations. In turn, this may lead to more conversions that can increase your overall revenue. 

In order to boost your business’s leads and conversion, you’ll first need to identify and research your ideal customer base, market your brand, and reach out to potential prospects. Afterward, you’ll need to find a way to nurture and retain their attention in order to become loyal customers. 

At 360 Business Marketing, our company will help you integrate lead generation strategies that will capture potential leads and turn them into consistent levels of conversion. This will help process your business’s brand awareness to the general public and build up interest in it. We’ll provide your business with the necessary content and tools to generate more leads and conversions. 

Here are a few tips and advice to consider as you start thinking about lead generation in 2022. 

Target The Right Audience 

With any marketing strategy, you need to target the right people in order to start generating leads. You want to market a service or product that is seen as valuable by certain people, so implement strategies that are designed to resonate with your audience. If the leads are convinced of your brand, they’re most likely to share their contact information, such as a phone number or email, with you to stay in touch about future opportunities. 

Some ways you can start targeting the right people include paid advertising, pay-per-click ad posts, and automated social media posts that randomly appear in a person’s feed, depending on what they search for. These are just some ways this can be practiced, but it all goes towards creating brand loyalty for your business. 

Build & Establish Brand Loyalty For Your Business

Leads are essentially any of your potential customers that take interest in your business. With lead generation, the process involves attracting these customers to your brand. During this period, you should nurture their trust so that they can provide your business with organic, word-of-mouth promotion. As such, brand loyalty is an important aspect of your business’s marketing. 

The right leads that find your business users can be your most loyal customers that can provide a steady stream of revenue. The reason for the success: it’s because you reached out to them with their own permission. Say they gave you consent to send them personalized newsletters. You can reward their loyalty with either an exclusive promotion, discount, or sale. This forces your business to think about the well-being of your customer instead of just sales numbers. 

Another way of building their trust and loyalty is by offering a free trial or service for your business. If the potential lead is satisfied with your business at no extra cost, they’re more likely to stick around and support you. 

Increase Business Brand Awareness 

Going hand in hand with brand loyalty is brand awareness. It’s important to get your business out there, whether it be consistent posting on your social media or targeted web advertising. The goal is to create a steady pipeline of new leads and conversions. Do be careful though, as many of these leads may have never heard of you before and will just ignore you. You never want to invade their privacy, especially if you’re being forceful in marketing your brand. 

To get the messaging across easier, consider producing goal-oriented content on your social media and web blog. New customers want a good amount of reasoning and information about your business before considering your services. By creating unique, SEO-friendly content for your brand, you showcase your expertise in a topic and demonstrate detailed knowledge towards your new lead. It can simplify their buying process, build authority, and help rank your business in search engines. 

Common examples of content to boost brand awareness for your business include blog posts, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, case studies, in-depth guides, and so much more. The more creative you are, the more leads you can potentially appeal to.

Personalize Your Message & Engage Your Community

Whenever you’re in communication with your customer base, it’s important you do so in a personalized, engaging manner. No one wants to interact with a faceless company. Rather, take the time to implement settings that recognize everyone’s name. This helps to establish a public face of sorts that the old and new leads can rely upon anytime. If you’ve reached out and retained a good number of leads for your business, you’ll have built an engaged community that you can engage on a more personalized level. 

Improve your lead generation and conversion rates today by contacting 360 Business rketing today. Learn more about how we help businesses thrive in their business marketing endeavours. 

Entertain Your Followers With a Well Crafted Story: Why Social Media Storytelling Is An Important Marketing Strategy

Social media can be an effective marketing tool for small and medium-sized businesses looking to promote their brand and create an engaging following. However, it can also be an overwhelming and competitive market for followers because of the sheer number of businesses using different channels. Some stand out for the right reasons while others get buried in thousands of posts. If you’re running a business, make your social media stand out by featuring unique storytelling content. 

At 360 Business Local, we operate as a marketing and web design company to promote your business’s great ideas and vision to a wider audience. That includes social media marketing, where unique storytelling content reigns supreme. To etch your brand into your audiences’ minds and avoid being ignored or forgotten, we’ll go over what storytelling on social media is, why it’s important, and the different ways in which it’s presented.  

People want captivating, engaging stories that convey important messages and relevant information in a fun manner. We’ll explore the ways in which good storytelling on your social media platforms will get you far ahead of your competition and get more eyeballs on your brand. 

What is Storytelling?

In regards to social media practices, storytelling is the process by which you use interesting facts and narratives to communicate and convey direct messages to your audience. As any good writer will tell you, stories are best revealed when organic words and actions come from techniques involving improvisation, entertaining theatrics, or attractiveness. It creates intrigue for the person and encourages their active imagination to connect with what you’re trying to convey. 

In other words, good storytelling on social media makes your business more personable and gives a “face” to your company. People want to be fascinated and entertained on social media and, if your product or service is right for them, they’ll see that through your unique content. It works in the opposite way too when businesses use formulaic posts to blatantly promote their product, audiences will notice that and think it’s just another annoying ad. 

Storytelling on your social media should tell unique stories about what your brand is, the type of products you offer, and other tidbits to captivate an audience. Avoid thinking that it’s just another way of selling your products or services. Social media is unique from traditional advertisements like billboards or flyers in that it engages with your audience in order to tell them all about your business. 

Storytelling is practiced in many different ways on social media. Let’s break down some of them next. 

What Are The Different Ways Of Storytelling on Social Media?

Current social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, have large audiences, but some may be more engaging for your business than others. Once you’ve picked on a channel to focus on, there are several ways you can go about creating unique storytelling content. 

Almost every social media channel has effective photo and video upload options to make your business really stand out. Video, in particular, has shown to be more effective in drawing in a new audience because of its directness and potential for visual appeal. For example, say you’re a restaurant owner looking to create content on their social media. You can upload videos of your cooks making tasty food, lining up different ingredients, or serving guests with a smile. 

In addition to video, you can provide great storytelling content through excellent photography and narrative captions. This can be done if you have a unique photo and want to provide context surrounding it. Alternatively, you can promote a gallery or album of specific photos connected to past events or use the story functions to feature mixed-media aspects of your company. 

Once you’ve created a sizable amount of content on your profile, your general appeal will improve and you’ll be discovered by an entirely new audience. Ultimately, this just proves that social media storytelling matters for your business. 

Why Does Social Media Storytelling Matter For Your Business?

Connecting with people in your audience is a surefire way of business communication. Great storytelling helps elevate your engagement with both new and old audiences in an effort to promote your overall brand. It’s a powerful trigger of communication that targets your audiences’ emotions, actions, values, and memories. 

With memorable storytelling content, you’ll have created an impactful first impression to prospective customers, as well as sympathy. If someone is entertained or relates to a content post you made, it’s because you’ve taken time to craft an interesting story that goes beyond what you’re trying to sell. 

Kickstart your web marketing efforts for 2022 by contacting 360 Business Local today. Learn more about social media storytelling and expand your audience now! 


4 Emerging Social Channels in 2021 to Improve Your Traffic and Boost Conversions | How 360 Marketing Develops Smart Strategies for the Future

Social media trends have solidified one factor – the significant influence in gaining conversions. While trends come and go, permanent platforms can help you reach global status and root your brand in dependability, integrity and quality.

At 360 Marketing, we’re one step ahead of the game. We’re constantly researching what’s up and coming and what’s quickly on the way out. We’re a marketing agency that is an amp website design company, geo-conquesting connoisseurs and a friendly face that can tell you the honest progress of your business. Emerging new apps can enhance the overall customer experience, from finding your product faster to rewarding them for choosing your services. That’s a win-win situation that everyone can benefit from.

We would love to chat with you! Call us at (416) 619-7935 and give your business the smart strategies to propel forward.


4 social channels to implement in your business strategy

As the influencer market emerges from the infinite videos and photos that are currently in the digital universe, so are new apps and trends that are bound to take on 2021 by storm. 

Why not take advantage of the opportunities and continually grow your leads and conversions while improving your digital playground? Here are 4 apps that are sure to be fun for the user while helping you attract the right audience and boost your sales.

  • AltSpace VR

Virtual Reality has accumulated a lot of traction in the last few years, and we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. AltSpace VR is a virtual reality social media network that offers its users a more immersive experience. Want to learn a new language while you’re embracing your ‘me time’? You can take a virtual language class. Amongst educational purposes, you can also use this app to virtually ignite a discussion about your brand, host a training class and connect with potential customers on a more customized level.

  • Asana 

Staying on track with deadlines and keeping up with client promises is a priority to ensure your business maintains positive online visibility and a close partnership with loyal clients. Asana is a digital project management platform that helps you keep track of every detail of client interaction, important deadline and help you deliver superior service. Think of Asana as your personal assistant that facilitates tight deadlines and keeps you in check.

  • UserGems

Influencer marketing is a type of branding that relies on key leaders to amplify your business on a larger global scale. A majority of online influencers tend to be well-known celebrities, Youtube vloggers and pop-culture personalities can influence rapid and meaningful conversions. UserGems finds people who are actively promoting you on social media platforms to larger audiences. You are presented with a list of potential influencers, from which you can select and further develop a meaningful business relationship. 

  • Referral Candy

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? We sure do! 

Referral Candy incorporates the credibility of your brand with the incentive of giving your clients free merchandise without affecting your profit. The best way to grow your business is through one happy customer at a time, and that said happy customer is sure to spread the word about how great your products and services are! 

When a client redirects a new client to your business, they get to receive gifts, vouchers, and more. The best part is that you get to decide the customizable reward that works best for you, while your clients are reaping the benefits. 


Contact 360 Marketing to your company’s online visibility and social credibility! 

Being ahead of the game means preparing for the game-winning touchdown, day in day out. Now, we’re no professional athletes, but we can rival their work ethic. 2021 is already full of market-changing trends, and we want to ensure that you can fully integrate the benefits of different social platforms into your strategy.

We can take care of the behind-the-scenes work while you continue to achieve your goals and visions for your business. Call us today and stay ahead in 2021. 


How Online Reviews Can Significantly Impact Your Brand Reputation & How 360 Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Online Credibility During COVID-19!

Mark Cuban, a billionaire extraordinaire and a modern-day Renaissance man, offers this little golden nugget to all those that are facing challenges with their small business during the pandemic; he says, “Rather than focusing on how bad it is, focus on how you can use this time to connect with your future customers.” 360 Marketing takes that advice seriously and puts it to great use in leveraging your company to success despite the COVID-19 era.

So we find ourselves in unprecedented times with the pandemic turning a year old just a few weeks back. Your online reputation is on the line with fewer clients coming into your store, and a decrease in your Google searches. Not to fret, there is always a silver lining to the infinite black hole that is the Internet. We are here to protect your online reputation using tried and true methods like amp website design and geo-conquesting, to help shift your business strategies to help guide you through difficult times. 

The best part about the digital market is that it’s constantly changing, which allows you to find fresh and innovative ways to attract a new brand of customers. So how do you effectively shift your company to adapt to new and continuous changes while still maintaining your strong online reputation? Take our hand – we’ll lead the way.


Tip 1: Improve Your Customer Reviews

93% of people are influenced to purchase your services or products based on online reviews.

You might be thinking to yourself, “What if I don’t have any current customer reviews?”. Having no reviews is just as damaging as having negative reviews. While COVID-19 has halted many future endeavours, it has also granted you the ability to connect with potential customers organically. 

Encouraging your customers to leave a positive review of your business can go further than dropping your prices to get more revenue. At the end of the day, people are willing to pay more for exceptional service than cheap out on a subpar product. Positive review = credible online reputation.


Tip 2: Monopolize Word-of-Mouth Marketing

With all social media apps, online review sites and various digital platforms the grasp of our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to voice your opinion about a particular business. When you get a great haircut at a fantastic price, you’re going to be eager to tell everyone about your new mane. On the other hand, when the hair salon has cut off 10 inches when you asked for a ‘light trim’ you’re going to be inclined to tell people that the salon needs better professionals and not worth their money.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends. 

To think of it, we rely heavily on the opinions of strangers opinions to guide us to a fantastic experience. When you have a solid online reputation, it’s not just you that spreads the good news about your company, it’s all your clients!


Tip 3: A Strong Online Reputation Reduces the Impact of a Negative Review

It takes nearly 40 positive reviews to onset one bad review. 

While a negative review can be harsh, a stable online reputation can help mitigate the damage that arises from the negative review. Fewer people will pay attention to the negative review if they have a positive collaboration with you, or they trust your brand. 

You can’t avoid negative reviews. Even Amazon Prime has a long list of nay-sayers and they deliver your package within 24 hours. You can, however, control the impact of negative reviews by building a strong online reputation that backs up your credibility score and enables a trustworthy partnership with you and your clients to organically grow.


Review your Online Reputation and Grow your Opportunities for Long-Term Success with 360 Marketing!

Your online reputation extends to more than just your business looking good – it’s guaranteeing that your company survives through unprecedented times and is fully equipped to continually grow and adapt to success patterns.

Take your online reputation seriously and call our experts today! We’ll make sure to leave you a great review.