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Website Design 101: Creating A High Definition Gen-Z Friendly Website That’s Engaging and Profitable

For people born into Generation Z (also known as Zoomers), marketing and advertising should take into account their tendency for fast paced, direct messaging that instantly connects with them. With apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, they are constantly bombarded with unique content and are well-versed in the web as digital natives. With this in mind, it’s important as ever to design a website that suits their sensibilities and engages them in creative ways. 

We’re your online marketing agency that offers exceptional digital marketing services to push your brand to the next level. We provide SEO content and social media marketing that will help draw more Gen-Z’ers towards your brand. One of our areas of focus is on website design and we have some useful tips for you to consider that will attract a newer generation to your business. 


  1. Invest In A High Quality, Modern Design

Generation Z and Millennials have been raised in digital environments, making them more tech savvy than previous generations. When it comes to your business’s online presence, the website is the first impression to them. That’s where it’s crucial you take the time to invest in upgrading your website to a modern, accessible design to keep it fresh and high-caliber.

When building or upgrading your website, simplicity and clarity are key. Gen Z customers won’t be impressed by unimpressive designs and superfluous messages that mean nothing. If you’re going to build a high quality, responsive website, make sure you have the good design and features to enhance their experience. 


  1. Prioritize Mobile Performance & Traffic 

With any good website design, the mobile version of it should take priority over the desktop view. Generation Z are big users of mobile smartphones who demand rewarding and productive experiences on web pages. As such. websites should be flexible for people who have to multitask and work on demand. The mobile website should work across a variety of different devices with responsive design and UI/UX for a seamless experience. 

Keeping this in mind, you should think about how many things are on your pages. Eliminate complicated, jumbled items that waste time and contribute nothing. If your website isn’t mobile optimized and responsive, then Gen-Z customers will leave your site immediately. 

To achieve peak mobile performance, your content should automatically adjust to fit whatever device the user is on. This can be accomplished with the help of a web design team familiar with mobile design. We’ll help you create pages and content that work well with mobile navigation and draw more visitors to your website. 


  1. Be Visually Pleasing & Interactive

After tweaking your website’s mobile performance, you should focus on enhancing your website’s high quality visuals and interactivity for Gen-Z. This means that they are more visually literate than others and are able to absorb information from strong images, video, and interactive text. 

Specifically on video, it’s one of the best interactive components you can have on your website because it quickly establishes an emotional connection with your web visitors. For example, while some may choose to simply embed a YouTube video link on their homepage, a good website will instead add a hero video that is played in the top part of the page. The hero video should be high quality and tie into your direct messaging that captivates a visitor rather than distract them. 

To boost interactivity for your website and capture more Gen-Z eyes towards your brand, use a combination of creativity and interactivity for your website and social media channels. Create or input something that lets young customers tap, swipe, and click whenever they land on your page. Anything you can do to encourage interaction on the website or social media is positive. Some examples include small pop-up surveys, polls, etc. 


  1. Create Clear Phrasing & Valuable Storytelling

The most important thing you can do for your Gen-Z-friendly website is add in clear messaging and genuine storytelling. They’ve been constantly exposed to digital content and have a shorter attention span compared to others. As a result, they can easily differentiate between genuine promotions and phony ads. If your messaging is too desperate or clever, Gen-Z’ers will be highly attuned to it and dismiss your brand entirely.  

To avoid this from happening, make sure your content is genuine and provide storytelling that connects with them in some way. The purpose of storytelling is to convey great ideas behind your brand and improve engagement through your website design and blog content. Generation Z will get behind products and services they feel strong connections with and storytelling helps accomplish this by building up trust. 

Comprehensive web design for Generation Z is much more than sticking to graphic elements and words on a page. To draw more attention, think about your target audience and what they should know about your brand. At 360, we’ll work together to help you design a high-quality website that will boost your online traffic and overall business. 

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