Yahoo Shakes Up Mobile Advertising: 4-Point Breakdown From a Markham Internet Marketing Firm

A recent teleconference discussing Yahoo’s earnings revealed some information that could change the way Markham internet marketing companies operate.

On October 20th, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer revealed to reporters that the popular search engine runs a unique algorithm for mobile search results.

This is an interesting development for our Markham internet marketing experts; while many people had become familiar with the concept of mobile-optimized websites, Yahoo has seemingly taken this strategy a step further by mobile-optimizing their search engine experience.

Mayer described Yahoo’s unique algorithmic search on mobile as being a key part of their brand’s commitment to providing “rich card experiences” that would be more “action-oriented.”

Yahoo’s “Slurp,” their dedicated search bot crawler, has been observed in action by Markham internet marketing agents and webmasters around the world. Yahoo Slurp results have been instrumental in populating the brand’s widely-criticized “knowledge graph” for some time, though it has been noted that Slurp’s crawling speed has dropped considerably in recent weeks.

What else did Yahoo SEO Marissa Mayer have to say about this new algorithm?

  • Mayer reports that the ultimate goal of Yahoo’s unique algorithm is to enhance the user experience. However, the technical details of Yahoo’s algorithm seem more geared towards Markham internet marketing experts and small business owners looking to drive conversions.
  • Mayer revealed that over 50% of mobile search results and experiences are generated with their organic technology, with the end-game goal of inspiring users to take more actions.
  • Mayer stated that “action-oriented ads” actually improve the search experience for most users by providing solutions that are relevant to the audiences’ inquiries. If you are running a search for “Markham internet marketing company,” you are probably looking for the services or knowledge of an SEO team; accordingly, an ad for 360 Business Local with a helpful overview of available services and clear “contact” button would improve your online experience, rather than detract from it in the way we typically think ads do.
  • Mayer made multiple mentions of the Gemini platform. Gemini is Yahoo’s advertising solution, and may be worth a closer look from Markham internet marketing firms. Though Google is by far the dominant advertising channel, companies looking to empower their success could benefit from Yahoo’s dedicated ad service to reach untapped audiences. Gemini allows you to create your ad, place it in front of Yahoo audiences within minutes, and set/track your budget as you’d come to expect with Google Adwords. However, the focus on Yahoo audiences, and mobile users via a dynamic experience, makes this advertising channel worthwhile.

So what have we learned?

Though it is often difficult for Markham internet marketing companies to acknowledge any search platform outside of the Google network, Yahoo may offer something worthwhile for business owners looking to optimize their search. We know that mobile audiences are hugely active and influential, and Yahoo/Gemini’s commitment to engaging this huge market via dynamic advertisements could pay dividends to business owners who have saturated Google search listings already.

Of course, your mobile marketing strategy will depend entirely on you. If you are seeking a Markham internet marketing company to advise you on your advertising campaign in Canada or elsewhere in the world, our experts can help; visit to find the best approach for your mobile marketing – maybe Yahoo is right for you!

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