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Working With a Google Marketing Company

To understand why it is important to use a Google Partner Agency think of it this way; would you take a legal advice from a guy in a bar without asking if he is a certified lawyer and has expertise in the specifics that you are interested in?

The Same goes to managing your Google campaigns. You want a company that is certified, has proven track record of success with Google products, understands the market, has the resources to get you the results you are expecting and  that is certified to manage Google products by Google.

Google Partners are online marketing companies that are trusted by Google.

Google Partner Agencies must manage an ad spend of at least $10,000 every 3 months and continuously meet Google’s high standards to maintain partner status.

Google has replaced their original AdWords Certification with the more esteemed Google Partner Badge. The badge recognizes companies that excel using Google’s products and use the best Google practices.

Google Partner Agency

Stripping over 65% of their partner list, Google kept agencies that:

Know Google. Google Partners, as well as their employees need to stay current with the latest Google products and tools by passing exams administered by Google every 18 months.

Have Proven Success. This is what differentiates Partners. Using the best industry practices to manage client campaigns no matter which sector or how much ad spend is being invested. A Partner’s goal is to help your business achieve the best return on their budget. Working with a Google Partner can save your business time and energy.

Keep Ahead of the Curve. Having a working relationship with Google allows Partners to be ahead of the curve. Having access to a range of Google goodies including training seminars and product updates, not to mention the bottomless pool of learning materials helps us to help you.

Provide Professional Service to Clients. A Google partner is expected to provide responsive service to clients that meet the standards of Google are are subject to Google’s ongoing approval of them providing the service under the Google Partner certification. Clients therefore benefit from the extra protection offered by the certification.

Tips for Choosing a Google Partner

Be Selective. See if that agency has worked with businesses in your area before, or worked with businesses that have similar budgets and target audiences to yours. See what other services they provide that can help your business grow and get you a higher ROI.

Only Pick One Partner. You may have a hard time choosing partners, so you decide to divvy up your budget with several partners at once to see who will give you the best results, which is fine- but it is recommended you test one at a time. Only one ad is displayed for your business on a search result list so it will be difficult to judge multiple partners performance at the same time.

Understand the Basics. To learn the basics of Google Advertising is actually easier than you may think. Understanding AdWords will help you make more informed decisions when working with your Google Partner.

Measure Your Performance. Return on investment (new customers in the door) is what matters most about your advertising. Set some time aside each month to review your investment, and if you are getting the results you want to see from that investment.

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