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Will Your Site Be Removed From Google’s Mobile Search Results?

The Mobile search world is becoming a different playing field with Google’s latest update.

Many people will find that their websites are being eliminated from Google’s mobile search results over time. The update is still relatively new, meaning the that removing websites from the search is a process. To the many owners out there who have not yet adjusted or optimized their websites for mobile devices – this update might take millions by surprise.

Don’t fall behind. Keep your site showing on mobile search by testing your site today. Keep reading to learn more!

“Mobilegeddon”, the name given to the newest Google algorithm, has made mobile friendliness a top priority. Step your game up and beat your competitors to the punch!

Here are some great ways to propel your mobile-friendliness forward, with the results not only being improved Google rankings, but also conversions and results!

Create a mobile website that will secure conversions.

With the extreme influx of online mobile users, your website should be prepared for not only views and hits, but also for conversions.

Having a mobile friendly website, which includes easy to read text, click-able links, and pages that size content to fit the screen are all vital features, but there’s more to the game now. The aforementioned features are crucial to have for SERP rankings, but making sure your site is optimized for mobile conversions is also important.

Optimizing for mobile ensures that your website will continue ranking high in Google search, and the hits you receive from this will include conversions. Having a beautifully done mobile-friendly website is great, but without the whole package, it will not aid you in the long run.

See how search keywords contrast between mobile and desktop in search.

If you are not aware of the differences in your ranking for high priority keywords, then take the time to investigate now. Prepare to see a difference in successes and failures from desktop and mobile platforms.

You can easily find how or if your rankings for high priority keywords are affected. To start, log in to Google Webmaster Tools. On the left hand side, click Search Traffic then Search Queries. Once there, you can play around with filters to see only mobile search queries or only web search queries. The information you find from here is important for you to know, as you will see trends and patterns in what keywords are driving traffic to your website from either mobile or desktop platforms.

Local, local, local. Understanding mobile context.

When it comes to mobile searches, there is no denying the extreme amount of local searches. Searching top rated restaurants within walking distance, finding a gym that’s close enough to your place of employment, researching a product in a store before you buy, or simply Googling the nearest Walmart – these are all examples of common, everyday local searches. Understanding that many mobile searches are in the context of local searches will help you to create relevant, useful user content.

You can test your websites mobile friendliness with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

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