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Why is Responsive Design Crucial to Your Website?

Mobile browsing is taking the internet by storm, and that means you need to ensure that your website is optimized for more than just desktop viewing. Having a responsive web page design is a great option for those who wish to create one website that will respond positively to any environment.

What is responsive design?

A page that is designed to be responsive will have all the same content on any device, but will change aesthetically based on what type of platform it is being viewed on. For example, the size will adjust to fit your mobile screen without having to scroll left to right.

Why do I want a responsive web design?

Simply put: mobile usage is on the rise. We need to abandon the old school mentality that websites are just for desktop use. Don’t believe it? Google has said themselves that mobile searches now make up the majority; over half of all Google searches are done on mobile devices. You know the importance of Google in your business, so catering to the trends of users of Google is crucial to your business.

This extends to more than just usability; Google now actually flavors and bumps up search results based on their “mobile-friendliness”. Having a responsive web page will not only give your site visitors a pleasant searching experience, but it can also help your ranking in Google searches.

Convert to responsive design, get more conversions.

Your website will have an end goal for its visitors. For example, if you are selling products, your goal is to have a visitor complete a transaction. If your goal is to have users sign up for a newsletter, then having a visitor fill out the signup sheet for the newsletter would be a conversion.

No matter what your goal is, having a site that is easy to navigate will always be beneficial to your goal. Ensuring that your mobile site is designed so that actions and navigation are simple to understand means more conversions for you and your business.

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