What is Your Audience Looking for When it Comes to Your Online Efforts?

It seems as if every business out there has created a presence in the digital world and with over 4 billion people active on the internet, it comes as no surprise. The age of tech has shifted us to a more digital-based platform for delivering our message to our audience. While billboards, newspaper ads, and radio commercials still exist, they have taken a back seat to the realms the digital space has to offer. 


There is one component that hasn’t changed however: your customers. No matter how or where you deliver your message, your customers will always be your main priority, after all, without them, businesses would cease to operate. When making the digital shift, it’s important to keep the importance of your audience/customers in mind. Online content should always relate back to your audience and be a tool to educate or aid them. Our local marketing agency knows all too well what can make or break a business online presence.


Here are a few things you need to ensure shine through your businesses online presence: 




When it comes to accomplishments, knowledge, and other feats, it’s okay to take on some bragging rights! Many consumers look for an authoritative figure when they want to complete a transaction. How exactly can you build authority online?


  • Let your knowledge in your respective field shine through your content
  • Build your community
  • Build links from other sources
  • Be active on socials
  • Be consistent and stay up to date with your market
  • Build your reputation


The more authoritative a business appears online, the more positive reception it will receive. While building authority does take time, it definitely opens up the door for many opportunities in growth. 




Trust and authority go hand in hand. People tend to have more trust in a business when there is a higher level of authority there. But beyond the authoritative aspect, trust can be built in several ways. Something as simple as engaging with users and addressing them in the space can help boost up your businesses trust points. Why is trust so important in business when it comes to online efforts? Trust not only helps your business grow, but it also helps keep your current customers content and more eager to continue engaging in business with you. Like any aspect of life, trust is a huge element and deciding factor when it comes to decision making.




Remember when brands/businesses would purchase followers and we would be naive to it? Or perhaps you remember when businesses could just delete negative reviews without causing an uproar. Well, neither of those practices get past the diligent eye of consumers. It’s easy to spot when a brand has purchased followers (hint: check the follower to engagement ratio) or when they are hiding something such as negative feedback. Both of these practices allude to the fact that the business just doesn’t want their audience to see a huge part of them which in most cases, will lead to even more backlash.

How do you build transparency with your online audience?


  • Be real. Don’t buy followers or engagement
  • Respond to feedback – negative or positive. If you receive positive feedback, acknowledge it and thank the person. If it is negative, don’t ignore it – show the individual and the world you are ready to resolve any issues that arise. 
  • Don’t delete negative feedback. This shows others that you aren’t receptive to addressing customer concerns – a huge no-no
  • If there is any issue – address it. Is your site down? Address it. Did you make a mistake in your ad copy? Address it. Did you have a mishap on social media? Address it.




This word gets thrown around a lot in the marketing world, but what exactly does it mean to be authentic? Just like you stay true to yourself and who you are, your business should be no different. Your goals, value, and personable side should shine through your business. This doesn’t mean drop all professionalism and become a savage clapback type of brand. This simply means putting a less automated feel to your brand. Your audience wants to know that there is someone behind the scenes engaging with them, as opposed to an automated service spitting out generic answers. Let who you are shine through your business and more people will feel receptive to taking further action.




Behind every piece of content, there should be something your audience can take away from it. Whether it’s a piece of knowledge, a product, a service, a tool, or a tip. It’s easy to generate sales-oriented content or produce a simple link on socials and be done with it, but this can cause a disconnect with your audience. Listen to them and understand what they want, what they need, their pain points, their concerns – from here, you can derive what type of value you can provide through your content in creative and meaningful ways. It’s important to remember that what you are creating is for your audience, not for yourself.


Long gone are the days when brands who had the most followers were the ones that were looked up to the most. Today, it’s all about quality and consumers are well aware of that. Before even looking at followers, many search for value, trust, transparency, and authority. Having these factors interjected into your digital marketing strategy can help you build an unstoppable brand online!


Looking to up your online marketing game and wow your audience? Contact us today and we will help you take your business to the next level!

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