Utilizing Old Content for Current SEO Efforts

There is no denying the power on constant new content publishing in the SEO world, and Google agrees. However, if you’ve been diligently posting new blogs or pages and keeping up with current relevant news to your business, what do you do with your old, outdated content? It’s true that posting new material is a huge factor in your content marketing efforts in Markham, but refreshing old content is also a good way to boost your position up on Google (and it’s much quicker than writing something new!). This also helps your ROI on content, since you are getting more use out of existing pages with just minor time investments. Learn about utilizing your old SEO content for your new SEO efforts by reading below!

  • Audit Old Content

First, go through your existing content. Organize all your content into different categories: up to date, outdated, repurpose, upgrade, etc. If you have old content that is in no way relevant anymore, is outdated beyond repair, or could bring in unwanted (AKA: “garbage”) traffic, simply unpublish it. You can set up 301 redirects to these pages so that an interested reader could be redirected to a page or blog that shows more relevant and updated content.

  • Make the Old, New

Old SEO content might not just be outdated in terms of information, it may also be outdated in terms of the way they reflect old Google trends. Google now really puts usefulness to the reader before all else, so make sure your old blogs have a purpose and can help your target audience find answers to the questions they are searching up online.

If your old blogs or pages are lacking in terms of media and formating, refresh and spruce these areas up. You can increase the traffic on old blogs over 65% if done successfully! Not bad for something that’s already written and published, eh?

  • Quality, Not Quantity

If the sound of going back to your old content and diligently updating and optimizing sounds like a waste of time to you, think again. While many would assume that spending time to create new content is the way to go, trends show that this is not the case.. At least, not entirely.

While you should still produce new and fresh blogs and pages, spending time updating the old can show more improvement to your SEO rankings than just relying on new content pumping. Use the new and the old to really reap the SEO benefits!

Have 360 refresh the old, and create the new. Contact us today at (416) 619-7935 to speak to a SEO expert!

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