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User Experience Affecting Mobile Search Rankings, Not Desktop

The discussion about how to protect your business rankings from falling down the results list due to less than perfect mobile optimization is trending all over the net.

Google links user experience to the device being used to browse your site and uses that as a significant signal for the algorithm used to measure your site.Failing to comply and improve your site will likely drive your businesses site out of Google mobile search results. This is why there is an urgency in understanding that Google is now effectively treating your site’s mobile device compliance as an important signal in their formula.

Google’s “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update is ranking websites in search while taking into consideration UX – aka user experience – although, the same cannot be said for the desktop algorithm which is yet not affected the same way.

Other signals are used to measure your website for desktops such as site loading speed, display variables, content, tags, and overall traction vs bounce rate %.

Google explains that there is no UX algorithm for desktop search yet. The user experience does not affect page ranking when searching on a desktop the way it does when searching on a mobile device.

Google’s Mobile Friendly algorithm is purely about the user experience of a website when looking at it on a mobile device. Is your site mobile friendly? Take the test.

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