Two New Google Keyword Management Tools Released in 2015

Bidding on keywords is an important part of any company’s SEO strategy, but there is more to this process than simply throwing money at popular search phrases. Proper keyword bidding involves constant strategizing, analysis, and adjustment, and Google has just announced the release of some tools that should make this process much simpler.

On Monday, July 13th, Google released two new bidding tools that look to have far-reaching implications for campaign managers looking to get an edge over the competition. The 360 team would like to familiarize you with Google’s Target CPA Simulator and target opt-in recommendations tools – read on to learn more!

Target CPA Simulator

Google first announced this tool during their Inside AdWords livestream this spring. The main benefits are found in its ability to estimate what will happen to your conversions once your target CPA is adjusted. Essentially, the simulator incorporates data from your past week’s performance, and gives you an estimated conversion rate based on how you propose to adjust your budget.

Target Opt-In Recommendations

This tool helps campaign managers set performance targets when applying a target CPA or target ROAS bid strategy to campaigns. When using this tool, Google will recommend targets based on actual CPA or ROAS results from the past two weeks. The ultimate goal for this tool is to maintain your campaign’s historical performance while the bidding engine refines its process to optimize conversion and revenue rates.

Both of these tools are now available all over the world – try them out today, and contact 360 with any questions or concerns that you may have!

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