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Two Common Google AdWord Mistakes To Avoid

Digital marketing specialists know the power that AdWords can have over a website’s success and visibility. However, as with any tool, AdWords requires proper handling. AdWords mistakes are as common as they are costly.  A sloppy, poorly ran campaign will end up draining the bank without producing significant results. In this post, our Adwords company outlines two mistakes you should avoid.

Grouping Keywords – The Right Way

AdWords lets you categorise your campaigns into different ad groups. This allows you to organise your ads based on keyword similarities. Neglecting this feature can be one of the biggest mistakes an online marketer can make.

Keep this in mind: the ad being shown to searchers needs to match the keyword that is being searched for. The closer your ads’ text matches the queried keywords, the more likely it is that users will click on your ad. If you are not grouping your campaign ads based on similar types of keywords, they will not show when relevant searches are made.

For example, Samsung makes a variety of different of products: appliances, mobile phones, tablets, and more. If Samsung had only created one product category, their AdWords search results would be missing out on a lot of potential product visibility. Only the brand name would turn up in searches. If a user searches “best tablet brand,” “Samsung Products” will appear, instead of “Samsung Galaxy Tab,” or another tablet from their brand.

The more you break down and organise your ads and keywords, the easier your campaigns will be to optimise. Creating keyword groups lets you show ads that are extremely relevant to the searches users are making, resulting in clicks or conversions.

Not Utilising Negative Keywords

Sometimes, your ads can show up in unwanted places and searches. This is where negative keywords come into play; though many people don’t realize it, you have the power to ask Google to not display your ad for specific Google searches.

For example, imagine you’re a plumber with an AdWords campaign in play. For whatever reason, you decide that you don’t want your ad to show up when people search for the phrases “plumber jobs in Markham” or “diy plumbing.” You can add these phrases or individual keywords to your negative list, which stops you from showing up for those searches. Without the negative keyword function, your plumbing profits would be wasted on AdWords fees for irrelevant searches that get your company no conversions.

Bonus Tip: Find words to exclude by logging into your Analytics account and looking at Matched Search Queries in the Acquisition section.

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