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Top Types of Content for Improving Search Rankings

“Content” can refer to a wide scope of materials on the internet. When you’re looking to use content to help your search engine ranking position, what kind content should you create? There’s many options, but some are better than others. Read our blog below and see what content you should be creating! Not comfortable crafting your own SEO content? Have a content marketing specialist at 360 Business Local in Markham do the dirty work for you!

  • Blogs

This should be an obvious one, but we are going to reiterate this point because blogs are so crucial to your website’s overall SEO. Blogs give you flexibility and ability to constantly update your site, making it more relevant and important in the eyes of Google.

Any and all content marketing package will include a blog, as it is so necessary in today’s competitive SEO landscape. If your website does not have a blog that is regularly maintained and posted to, you are losing a huge source of power in terms of Google. As always, make sure your content is search-engine optimized!

  • Product Pages

You’d be surprised to hear that many people often for that their product pages can be optimized for search engines. This is shocking! If you run an ecommerce website, for example, the product pages is where you want traffic to end up. Wouldn’t it be ideal if relevant traffic could immediately find themselves on a product page? This is why SEO is so crucial to your product content!

Make sure the product description is highly keyword saturated. Be diverse in how you describe this keyword, as well. This will help you rank for other searches that are relevant to your product. SEO best practices are no different on product pages, so make sure to optimize the title, URL, headers, and tags as much as possible!

  • Video

Video is becoming more and more important to Google crawlers. It’s no secret that your website need to be rich in diverse forms of media, but video is especially important! Always have a transcription of the video available onsite to really reap the benefits of the targeted keywords.

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