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Top 5 Online Marketing Tips for Lawyers

If you work within the legal industry, you know the importance of connecting with the right people. You also probably know the power of digital media and online marketing when it comes to successful networking and connecting to potential clients. However, what might be less straightforward is how exactly you can successfully leverage online marketing within the legal industry.

When used strategically, online marketing tools like social media, content marketing, and SEO can become invaluable tools to the legal industry. For tips on how you can leverage these tools for your law firm, keep reading:

  • Include Strong CTA’s on Your Legal Website

Usually created as an instruction or directive, a CTA or call-to-action is a brief piece of content designed to encourage the viewer to perform a specific act. As a key aspect of any online marketing strategy, CTA’s are a crucial aspect to creating conversions as they direct potential clients to the action you want them to take.

For a legal website, your CTA would likely be a piece of content which encourages potential clients to contact you for consultations or appointments, directing them to a phone number or contact/lead generation form. CTA’s are crucial to generating conversions as it removes the guesswork on the users part, explicitly presenting them with a simple way to contact you.

  • Create an Easy to Understand FAQ Page

FAQ pages are one of the biggest assets of a legal website. Since most people looking for a lawyer likely don’t have a background in law, they’ll appreciate a straightforward explanation of common questions and terms used in your industry. However, an FAQ page can also provide you with more benefits beyond its original purpose; for example, these pages can be used as keyword-rich pages to boost your SEO rankings.

Since clients aren’t always familiar with legal terminology, they won’t be searching with legal terms–especially if you work within a highly specialized practice area. But, with an FAQ page, you can include a mix of legal jargon and simplified terms your clients are using to give yourself a better chance of being seen by search engines.

  • Build Content with Industry Related Blogs

Content building is one of the best online marketing strategies as it works to meet multiple goals. Not only can blogs be optimized for keyword searches, it can also provide your firm with a platform to present yourself as an industry expert, improve reputation, and provide an easy opportunity for users to share content.

The legal world is constantly changing, so it’s important that you’re able to showcase your talents, cases, expertise, and success to clients. Creating blogs which direct potential clients to legal news, relevant information, and testimonials is an easy way to do this while also offering an opportunity to engage with your clients.

  • Focus on Local Optimization

While it may sound great to rank for national searches, this strategy is not always useful for all industries. For many businesses, optimization for more narrow local searches is more likely to increase both foot and online traffic as well as improve conversion rates.

In most cases, as a law firm you are likely looking to connect with local demographics since people are more likely to contact firms within a convenient distance. As such, it’s crucial that you utilize local optimization techniques like building a local Google+ presence, optimizing content with locally targeted keywords, and submitting your site to local law directories.

As a legal professional, there are a variety of online marketing tools available to help you attract potential clients to your website and create conversions. Contact our marketing specialists in Markham today to learn more about how you can take advantage of all that online marketing has to offer.

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