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The Truth about Social Media Marketing in 2018

In the past decade, social media marketing has become more prominent in effective marketing campaigns. The speed at which news travels and the creative levels it can pass through makes it one of the best tactics to utilize while being cost-effective.

Since the ability to integrate social media does not have any requirements, the competitive scope of the field is constantly growing. To produce organic reach within posts and campaigns has become increasingly difficult.

Whether your brand is looking to improve social media results or requires an online marketing company to assist with the process, you should understand the truth behind these tactics to leverage them in your favour.



Return on Investment

Social media is one of the best investments as it can produce large results at small costs. The truth is that positive return on investment is hard to reach sometimes due to the size of the competitive field. Over 75% of marketers are utilizing social media in their campaigns but only half are seeing positive results being produced.  


Relying on other Marketing Tactics

Often, companies pump money into social media marketing in time increments with the hopes that it will assist with increasing reach and attention. Without other marketing tactics to rely on, the narrow focus creates tunnel vision, omitting key components that will boost your social media efforts.

For example, if your company is solely focused on social media blasts whereas a competitor is focused on both building social media material while creating a new customer base, the competitor that diversified their efforts will see higher returns. Without a building customer base, the social platforms die out in the long-run.


Industry at a Glance

Depending on your brand and the industry it is in, it might need more than the regular social media tactics to dominate the field. All companies start off on the same foot, with the potential to see positive return in their efforts. However, those that have strong visuals, logos, content, or just specifically tailor to demographics that engage with social media will have an advantage. If your brand does not take these factors into consideration, it will not see success as easily.


It’s your Lucky Day!

Have you heard of a viral post? Whether it be a product or a service, when a social media post goes viral, it is success that will continue to exponentially grow on its own. However, going viral is not up to strategy or decision-making — part of it relies on luck. A change in time or the people that interact with it can change the luck associated but don’t stress out on this factor! Consistently putting out quality content will provide a solid foundation for your social media campaigns.


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