The Benefits of Working With A Google Marketing Agency

Google Partners are well-versed in all things AdWords and are dedicated to paid search marketing as well as pay per click for a variety of clients.

Working with a Google Certified Partner gives you peace of mind that you are working with professionals who manage a minimum of $10,000, and have AdWords certifications.

Below are 3 advantages to working with a Google Partner.

Certified Analysts & Qualified Individuals. A company with Google Partner status has employees that have achieved AdWord Certifications from Google, to manage client accounts. Google keeps an eye out to ensure certifications are kept current and that the Agency meets, and continues to meet Google’s high standards for customer service.

The qualified AdWord individuals are proficient with, and have a thorough understanding of the AdWords platform. Both a Google AdWords Fundamentals exam as well as one of the three advanced exams offered by Google must be passed in order to achieve this qualification.

The advanced exams help specialize advertisers into niche pay per click marketing skill areas: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, or Reporting & Analysis. This means you can trust that the individual handling your ad campaign knows what they are doing.

Familiarity with AdWords.  Google Partners have mastered the features of AdWords and use them in a way to create profitability for clients. Some features they have mastered include; negative keywords, site links inside of ads, ad extensions, phrase match keywords, split testing, broad match modified keywords, and ad scheduling- to list a few.

Quality Customer Service.  Google reviews agency’s accounts to ensure they are giving their clients optimal service, which are measured through quality scores. Google also checks conversion rates as well as client retention to make sure an agency’s clients are pleased with their services. A majority of the time, a high quality scores means a low cost-per-click and a high ROI for clients.

A company that doesn’t continue to maintain Google’s standards can have their badge removed. This ensures that a high standard of service is maintained no matter the date that Partner Status was achieved.

How to Choose The Right Agency For You

Make a List. Build a list of potential agencies starting with referrals from your professional contacts. Use Google’s Certified Partner Search to find more agencies that cater to your businesses needs. There are many options, but you will be able to eliminate options by reading company websites.

Compare. Now that you’ve created a list, filter through it examining which agencies fit your needs in terms of budget and other services they offer that you would like included in your monthly package. Agencies will provide an overview of services included in a monthly management fee which can help you cut further agencies off your list.

Ask Questions. Have a meeting with the potential agency of your choice. You want to find an agency that will meet your advertising goals and who you feel comfortable communicating with. Before meeting, write a list of questions to ask the agency that revolve around your marketing goals.

Rate the Agency. After you have met with the agencies you’ve narrowed it down to, analyze the potential plan of action each agency discussed with you to see if it is comprehensive enough for your needs. Before you make a decision, the right agency will want to answer all of your questions and review your account before signing any papers. Take time to thoroughly evaluate the agencies you met with and narrow it down further.

Make A Decision. Weigh the strengths and expertise of each agency against your goals. Make that last phone call or send that last email to get any last minute concerns out of the way, and bite the bullet. Review the proposal completely to make sure it entails everything that was previously discussed.

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