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Using YouTube for Video Marketing

Video marketing is now the fastest growing medium in history and YouTube is the top spot for uploading your videos. Putting your videos on YouTube allows you to target a myriad of markets in one place while being a cost effective and straightforward marketing approach. All you need is a video you want viewers to watch, and you only pay when someone watches.

Uploading videos to YouTube allows you to generate a buzz and raise awareness about your company. Videos allow you to educate customers about your business, captivate audiences, and encourage retention in a way that text alone cannot. Allowing customers to better understand and engage with your product or service drives conversions, generating an increase in sales.

Having a user friendly interface makes YouTube the go-to for any related video searches, and by using YouTube you have the ability to connect to other platforms on the internet, including your own website. Posting a video on your websites homepage keeps people on your website for a longer amount of time and allows you to demonstrate your product/service.

After watching the video YouTube will suggest more of your videos, or related videos for people to watch, videos can also be watched any time on demand.Having the keyword search feature allows video suggestions based on their keywords. Your ad is being seen by people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

On the Google Display Network your video can be shown to people who have visited sites related to your business as well as people who have been to your website but did not follow through with a purchase or other action.

Some Facts about YouTube

#1 online video site

#2 largest search engine (behind Google)

#3 largest site

4 billion + video streams per day

60 hours of video uploaded every minute

70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the US

72% of US online population watch a YouTube video at least once per week

52% of people took action as result of watching a video online