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How YouTube’s Search Feature Actually Works | Video Marketing Agency

With youtube having hundreds of hours of video uploaded every minute its hard to guarantee your video will reach the right audience. Of course, sharing it on other platforms or websites is an aspect of letting your videos rack up views but YouTubes’ own search function is a big part too. 360 Business Local is an online marketing company in Vaughan that works with you to understand youtube and provide you with top-quality videos with our experience as a video marketing agency.


What Does YouTube’s Search Prioritize?

It  prioritizes three main when going through and ranking video search results:

  • Relevance
  • Engagement
  • Quality

Relevance is a bit self-explanatory, to be considered to be in a search the video has to match the search itself. This is so if you search for kittens you won’t get a bunch of tech reviews or medical videos. This is the easiest thing to comply with, using specific keywords in the title, tags, and description will make it more likely for your video to show up with related searches. 

The engagement has a variety of aspects, number of views, watch time, comments, likes, playlist saves, all of these play an aspect. This is especially valuable because youtube wants people to interact and stay on the site as long as possible, the more your video helps with that the more the algorithm is compelled to promote it and boost it up the search results.

Quality is the nest big thing and measures how a channel might be demonstrating expertise and trustworthiness on a specific topic. One example is a channel dedicated to makeup content will have a higher quality rating for makeup videos as compared to a channel dedicated to documentaries. Keeping your channel consistent with its content is a great way to ensure this. 


Personalization Is Also An Added Factor

Working off of a person’s search and watch history youtube makes suggestions that they might be more likely to click. If someone watches a lot of D.I.Y. videos and searches for “basket” they would be more likely to get results for basket crafting videos as opposed to basketball videos. This differs from person to person and location so your video position in youtube search results can change quite a bit.


The Video Topic Can Change Things

Lastly, the topic of the video itself is a relevant factor. Videos about politics and news are more likely to be higher up in the results if they are from reputable well-known sources, meanwhile, a video more focused on entertainment like a dance or trend will weigh that less. 


Turn to the Leading Video Marketing Agency

360 Business Local is ready to help you with videos to bring more eyes to you and your services. With professional scripts, voice acting, and video editing, a new video can really catch a new client or consumers’ eye and make you stick in their mind longer than a photo or email can. Reach out now to work with our team to get your perfect video ready to go, published, and gaining those views!