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Be at The Forefront of a Digital Revolution! 5 Advantages of a Strong Social Platform | Social Media Company in Vaughn

2021 is your time to establish your company as a global leader, are you ready?

50% of small businesses in Canada aren’t using social media to leverage their business objectives. That is 1 in 2 companies that miss out on expanding their audience and capitalizing on imperative financial gains. 

The digital forefront that enables the same companies to skyrocket their revenues is the same platform that enables millions of shares to circulate daily – shares that can positively affect your overall brand awareness. 360 Marketing is more than just a social media company in Vaughn – we continually research cutting-edge trends to help set you apart from your competitors. 

The disconnect between those with influential social platforms and those who are solely engaged in brick and mortar means has been made transparent in the last decade. We want you to succeed in a technologically-saturated era, so our SEO company in Vaughn has come up with 5 ways that enable your business to soar like an eagle amongst turkeys.


5 Advantages in Having a Powerful Social Platform

In no particular order, let’s examine how a powerful social media platform can accelerate your business and increase your conversions:


5) Connect with Your Target Buyers

Identifying the trends in your audience and listening to their queries and concerns can help you create a trusting partnership with your consumers. By attentively choosing to hear what your consumers have to say, you can further develop fool-proof strategies that work in your favour. If you continuously advertise a service or product that is lacking in target interest, you are likely losing profits. Switch your focus on a hot-ticket item that your clients are raving about and immediately boost your financial gains while letting your consumers know that you’re listening to them.


4) Provide Superior Customer Service

A strong investment in customer service creates long-lasting client partnerships. You can separate your brand from the competition through active user engagement. Grow daily by taking into consideration customer feedback, and thank your consumers for choosing you above all else. While technological innovations are constantly changing, premium customer service will always be the top strategy in maintaining your client base.


3) Direct Social Traffic to Your Site

Social platforms have the magical power of keeping potential customers engaged in your brand while redirecting them to your website without making the user feeling overwhelmed.

Only 2% of website users purchase something online on their first visit – for the rest of the 98%, you need to reach them using a punchy social platform.

Social media channels allow multiple traffic streams that lead to cold-hard conversions. Apart from most social media platforms being free, you can set up campaigns, smartly advertise what you’re providing and develop loyal, paying customers.


2) Learn About Your Competitors

Healthy competition enables you to strive to do better than the day before. With millions of social media networks available on the online marketplace, you need to establish yourself as an entrepreneur. Researching strategies that can attract your audience, implementing ways of expanding your consumer base and generating leads is spearheaded by the drive to be better than the competition. 


1) Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Your drive and passion for your business are what started your company. Your ROI is what maintains you in business. Through the use of digital marketing, you can reach anywhere from hundreds to millions of potential buyers. Curious users can click on an ad that they saw on Instagram and transform it into paying customers while costing you a fraction of what you have been paying for tangible marketing campaigns, like newsletters, direct mail and billboards.


Increase Your Leads and Establish Your Brand in 2021 – Experienced Social Media Company in Vaughn, ON

An all-embracing social media presence is a perfect balance of skill, strategy and creativity. Don’t let years of hard work get pushed aside because your social media platform is weak. Embrace the power of the digital platform!

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