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Attention, Marketers: These Game-Changing Trends in 2020 Will Challenge What You Thought You Knew!

The decade is almost over and it’s time to look forward to the new year to keep growing. Our top 6 marketing trends will help you get a better idea of what to work towards and our search engine optimization services in Vaughan will help you put them into use!

Interactive media

Interactive content will be on the rise in the new year. People are leaning towards more visual and interactive media as their favourite content with 91% reporting they want more. Interactive media will benefit you significantly; keeping people on your site longer, and building up a relationship with potential customers and engagement without much effort. Also interactive content is very shareable; getting you more clicks and users on your site. Interactive content feels new and thus is more eye-catching and interesting than many others, with only video coming close to that amount of pull.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR have become the latest buzzwords in recent times – and for good reason too! These are hailed as the top emerging trends in 2020, with major companies already inculcating AR and VR at various stages of the pipeline.

Ikea, for instance, has introduced an app, allowing users to visualize what a certain piece of furniture would look like in their room before putting down their money. Not only do such services offer value to customers, but they also draw attention away from traditional brick-and-mortar models, where customers had to make a buying decision solely by inspecting the furniture in-store and making a decision based thereon.


Personalized marketing is one of the things consumers want coming into the new year, with up to 90% of people saying they want personalization and 80% saying they would be more likely to give business if the experience was personalized.

Things like suggesting “if you liked that product you might like this” and other such initiatives can really boost engagement. For email lists this point stands too, having a personalized email gets 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click through rates. A lack of personalization can actually be dangerous, cast too wide a net on your advertising and around 49% of people will just disregard you. On the flip side, a specialized ad will get 36% more clicks and hits.


More and more people are getting AdBlock programs, cutting out the majority of pop-ups, sidebar ads, and before video ads. But the one thing AdBlock misses in the ads within the videos themselves. People are starting to have higher opinions of influencers and listening to what they sell and promote much more than normal celebrities with as many as 6/10 teenagers valuing their opinions higher. Influencer marketing is becoming the fastest growing marketing method, with the industry expecting to hit 10 billion within 2020.

Shopping over social media

Social media is growing fast with more people using it every day and sales starting there as well. With just two clicks you can go from browsing Instagram to making a purchase. Over 72% of Instagram users have bought something through their platform and 70% of people with Pinterest. This in combination with social media influencers can really make your branding stronger and reach out to a lot of customers.

Content marketing

You might have heard the phrase “content is king” recently and that certainly isn’t going away in 2020, in fact, it will grow even more. It’s predicted that quality over quantity and more diverse content will become favourites; so it’ll be important to have a range of different content from blog posts, to video, to interactive polls and quizzes. Video and interactive media may be on the rise but don’t undermine blog posts, they are still key to boosting your SEO and driving visibility. 

Starting to feel overwhelmed thinking of how to integrate all of these new things, balancing out making content in the new year and keeping track of your SEO? Don’t worry about it here at 360 our services will help you put these tips into use!