How the Q&A Feature in Google My Business Boosts Your Business Visibility and Attracts New Customers! | Organic Marketing Agency

Everyone has questions before deciding which business to go with, are you making sure you have the answers? Recently Google launched the feature to make a Q&A on GMB profiles and with how over 80% of customer interactions are happening on local listings this feature has grown exponentially. Take control of the discussion about your business and don’t let it be derailed against you with these tips on how to manage Google Q&A.

Confused with your online presence and how to maintain it? Turn to 360 Business Marketing, an organic marketing agency dedicated to growing and strengthening your brand to grow your business. Our team provides lead generation services to give you the experience you need to boost your business.


What is Google Q&A and How Does it Work?

This feature works similarly to a Q&A or FAQ on other sites, letting users ask questions about a business, their services, staff, etc and potentially receive a direct reply from other users and the business itself.  These questions and answers are public to any other looking for you. 

Since anyone can ask questions and answer you might feel a bit outnumbered. Someone can potentially ask a leading question or another can answer questions with malicious intent whether or not they have been a customer or client before. Misinformation can also harm you, such as a customer asking for a certain product and someone answering doesn’t know you provide this but recommends them elsewhere. This can lead to others reading that question and answer and having misinformation spread about the products you have. 


How Do I Prevent These Answers from Harming My Business? 

The best way to stop this is to be the first to act, answering questions as the owner of the business (and not on your personal Google account) adds creditability to your answers and stop misinformation or malintent from spreading. 


Best Tactic for Google Q&A

Answer all the questions. No matter how obvious an answer might be to you its best to reply to all to give everyone the right information. Even if another person has replied with the correct information its good to jump in and confirm its correctness. This also helps to boost your public image, if a business is answering everything clearly and concisely, peoples trust in your business will grow and if they have any questions they won’t hesitate to ask.

There is also the option to flag any questions or answers if they are inappropriate. Certain things are especially not allowed such as advertisement, off-topic Q&A, and impersonation. Another idea is to answer some things proactively; certain things like business hours, parking, pricing are typical for most businesses and you can add in ones you have regularly got in person from customers as well. 


Worried About Multiple Locations?

Luckily google has API updates that help you keep track without feeling the need to check each location individually. One tool that runs along with API is chatmeter which is specifically made to help businesses manage multiple Google Q&A listings all in one convenient place. Being able to monitor, answer, and post questions to each of your Google My Business listings simplify and easily. 


Ready to Answer any Questions Customers Throw at You?

Now that you know how to tackle google Q&A so it doesn’t overwhelm you, you might want some back up going into this world of Google searches and listings. Why not turn to people who know it best? 360 Business Marketing is ready to bring out your best and help you navigate the online space confidently. 

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Instagram Reels: A Game Changer for Your Digital Marketing Strategy | Video Marketing Agency

Have you heard about Instagram’s new feature Reels? If you haven’t then you probably landed in the right place. Instagram Reels is a fill-in for TikTok which makes it possible for you to create 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, texts, filters and stickers of your choice.

Whether you’re a video marketing agency or social media influencer, the uncertain future of TikTok may come down hard on you. However, Instagram took the opportunity right turning it to your advantage by launching Reels. 

We at 360 makes it our priority to curate a guideline to make Instagram Reels clear as water for you. We are an organic marketing agency serving clients across Canada and the US, spirited to make your online marketing journey a soft landing.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at how you can integrate the amazing features of Reels in your marketing strategy.


Start with a strong video marketing strategy for your brand:

Social media marketing isn’t a one day job, but a proper strategy needs to be curated for long-term success. To get the best out of your social media strategy follow the SMART formula.

  • Specific: Focus on your specific goal from your social media activities
  • Measurable: Measure your success. ( Facebook/Instagram insights)
  • Achievable: Pick numbers that you can achieve (Followers/audience engagement)
  • Relevant: Make sure your content is relevant to your target audience
  • Timely: Be consistent as the world of social media is competitive and consistency is the key.


Make your Reels educational:

Know that the Instagram algorithm for ranking shows up top Reels as it does for the regular posts. So, make sure to make your Reel interesting and educational, keeping it within your niche. 

  • Get creative, informational and add that fun element in your videos. 
  • Keep a track of trending topics that might attract more attention.
  • Be bold, don’t be afraid to be real and showcase your authentic self.


Utilize influencers in your Reel marketing:

Collaborating with Instagram influencers can be a great bargaining chip for your business to reach a higher number of audience engagement. Start with-

  • Finding social influencers of your business niche 
  • Collaborate with them and let them promote your brand by creating Reels 

This would be a great way for your business to earn online reputation and bring in more followers


Get hold of your analytics:

Any kind of Instagram Reel you publish don’t forget analytics. Every marketing move needs some metrics to measure your success on social media. To evaluate your published content on Instagram Reels-

  • Take advantage of social media analytics tools.
  • Use in-built analytics tools like Instagram insights.
  • Create Instagram polls to find out what kind of content your audience likes the most.

Learn your strength and weaknesses using analytics and optimize your social media strategy accordingly.

Wrapping up the Reels talk here. Hope this helps you to incorporate Instagram Reels into your brand-new marketing strategy and prep for the 2021 digital marketing tactics. 

Nevertheless, we are always here to take your online marketing burden on our shoulders. 

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lead generation serivces

How to 10x Your Patient Base and Get the Most Out of Every Last Dollar With the Right Organic Marketing Agency

Making your medical client stand out against the crowd gets harder the more crowded the world of medical marketing gets and with 80% of people turning to Google before making a decision on which doctor to go with this doesn’t make it any easier or less stressful. Everyone knows that just getting that initial click is quite a hurdle and most practices don’t have the time to dedicate to this and advertising.

That’s why 360 Business Local strives to provide lead generation services, so customers new and old can find you with ease. 360 Business Local is an organic marketing agency serving clients across Canada and the US, dedicated to your success and growing your patient base tenfold!

Recent statistics are showing that almost 55% of patients use search engines to decide the best medical practice for them. Even among older generations, they have started embracing this more and more with 27% of people over 55 using sites like Google to find their ideal medical practitioner.


Optimizing your website is of the utmost importance

A website can more often than not be a potential patient’s first exposure and introduction to you and your practice. This goes past content and information this also includes how your site functions and how easy it is to navigate. 

If your website has a confusing layout or a bunch of links that lead to nowhere that drastically decreases the chances of them sticking around and getting in contact with you. A poorly functioning website can easily signify a poorly functioning practice to many.

Using keywords throughout your site is important too, these words or phrases are picked up by Google and used to place you near the top of results when people are looking for a potential doctor. Using intent-oriented keywords that are powerful and relevant will help to capture valuable leads and interest in you. These keywords all depend on your business, target audience, services provided, and even location. 

For example, if someone were to search “bioidentical hormone therapy in Florida” with the right optimization your website could be in the top results and show up on the first page. This is a big visibility boost and potential new patient for you!


Reviews make you stand out and feel trustworthy

Patients naturally want to trust others in a similar position more than anything. With medical treatments this is further compounded, everyone knows there can be certain risks and pain depending on the treatment. Most people read reviews before even considering a practice and to get an understanding of what experience they can come to expect.

Responding to reviews both negative and bad shows you are involved in the conversation and care about their opinions. Seeing a practice be engaging with patients and act professionally helps to build trust.


Take advantage of social media!

Yes, social media is even an available tactic to medical practices. Social media can help you build a rapport with potential patients and old patients while strengthening your brand for barely anything. 

Being able to connect and answer questions helps to show people you are trustworthy, open, and accessible. By talking about your services, posting promotions, posting healthcare tips and advice, and more you’re already doing more than enough to catch someone’s eye and attract new patients. 


Ready to expand your reach and meet new patients?

With the right people backing you up and handling social media, keywords, and the like you can see the new patients coming in and focus fully on them. 360 Business Local is a marketing agency ready to provide you results and boost your business to its highest potential! 


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