How to Improve Your SEO Efforts in 2020 and Beyond | Online Marketing

The Internet is a vast digital space of information and opportunity. It’s constantly evolving to the point where anything can get lost easily and your voice can be swept up in an endless wave of data. 

On massive search engines like Google, it’s becoming tougher to get your brand and message out in the open. So how do we solve this problem? Do you work on it yourself or rely on an online marketing company? The first step is to improve your SEO game for 2020 and continue to reach new heights in the future. 

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Don’t Copy. Be Unique

As some teachers say in school, copying gets you nowhere. If you want to establish your brand for a massive audience, you’ll need your website and digital content to be unique. Anything you put out should represent your values and what you want to promote. 

Some simple ways to start can be by removing any duplicate webpages or articles. Search engines like Google reward sites that are frequently updated by placing them as one of the top results for searches. 

Polish Your Presence

Smooth navigation of your website makes it easier for everyone. As much as it’s great to have them discover you through a search result, you’ll also need to leave a good impression as they see what you’re all about. 

An easy way to start is by giving your content really good titles and descriptions. Whether it’s blog content, webpages, or social media posts, how you describe what you’re putting out there matters. Revise your wordy posts to shorter lengths and break up your paragraphs into smaller segments. Be succinct and clear to catch a person’s attention.  

Also, consider making your website as accessible as possible to reach out to a broad demographic. Use alternative text for your images to make it easier for those who use screen readers or text-only browsers. Add captions to easily describe what they’re all about. 

The more polish your digital presence has, the easier it will be to widen your brand and reach out to your desired audience. 

Update and Take Advantage of Keywords 

Everyone is always focused on new things and whatever is trending at the moment. Take advantage of certain keywords or phrases. Use them wherever it’s possible and the best fit through your tags or metadata settings. 

It’s also crucial that you update your site frequently. Google will bury dormant websites below the sites that offer consistent, fresh updates and content. Always find ways to improve your online presence to not let your brand get left behind in the dust. 

Want to Take Your SEO to the Next Level?

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