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How AMP Web Development Affects SEO and Paid Search

Since Google launched AMP web development as a new way to create websites, it’s already quickly changed the landscape of mobile search. A primary concern for website and business owners is ranking on top of search results, thereby opening more opportunities to convert leads thanks to being more visible to a wider range of...

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Get the Most Out of Your PPC Campaign

Marketers have been becoming more creative in finding ways to continue ranking for heavily competitive search phrases, and to stay there. The more ways your site can be found outside of the keywords that users type in search, the more challenging and exciting it is to try to get ahead of the competition. Pay-Per-Click...

Yahoo Shakes Up Mobile Advertising: 4-Point Breakdown From a Markham Internet Marketing Firm

A recent teleconference discussing Yahoo’s earnings revealed some information that could change the way Markham internet marketing companies operate. On October 20th, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer revealed to reporters that the popular search engine runs a unique algorithm for mobile search results. This is an interesting development for our Markham internet marketing experts; while...

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