Digital Marketing Company – Social Media Marketing is Changing: How Can You Keep Up?

As life as seemingly changed overnight many things have been affected past people’s daily life and work routines that can be easily overlooked. One such thing is how people’s interaction with social media and the online world shifted as well. 

Social media has become even more important now than ever, helping people stay connected no matter where they are or what situation they are in. Because of this social media marketing is becoming more of a heavy hitter in the marketing world. 360 marketing recognizes this and as a digital marketing company out of Vaughan we are dedicated to providing you with the best marketing and local SEO company can offer.


Changes to When The Best Time to Post is

With the increase of people working from home, taking online classes, or just out of work people’s free time has shifted and so when social media receives the most interaction has also changed. 

Overall there is a shift to people being more active on social media in the morning, with the extra free time of having no commute to work or school people have been more active during this time waiting for the workday or their online class to start.

Facebooks most engaging time of the day has been moved up to between 10-11 am. And Instagram follows suit being most used at around 11 am. Both are during the workweek, with less activity during the weekend when many families have other responsibilities such as chores, groceries, kids, and trying to connect and stay in touch with friends and family.

Twitter has seen the most popular usage time also jump up, but past Facebook and Instagram usage the most popular time is between 7 to 9 am. Twitter is typically used to quickly check the news so this makes sense, having it be akin to reading the morning paper with your breakfast.


How People Engage with Brands has Changed too 

With this added free time engagement activity has changed too, this includes comments, likes, private messages/direct messages or dm’s, and the like. Overall engagement seems to have gone up, people are reacting to more Facebook posts and liking more tweets. This is in tandem to how active each different business sector is though, so the more you reach out and post the more you’ll see the same returned to you!


Digital Makreting Company Vaughan

As the world and people’s social and physical environments change their lifestyle and activities follow suit, so it’s important to think about how recent developments have changed things and reach out in the appropriate manner. The dust hasn’t settled yet so it’s best to expect more changes in people’s behaviour and activity as things develop.

The engagement follows alongside what you put out, if you’re not posting regularly there’s nothing to engage with, so it’s also important to think of ways to connect no matter the circumstances. 

Our team at 360 understands this and can help you through this, providing social media postings so we can focus on the engagement and you can focus on building and maintaining that connection.