influencer marketing

Why do You Need Influencer Marketing

The traditional routes of marketing campaigns through pumping money and increasing awareness on social media is no longer working. Influencer marketing is dominating the industry with brands having public figures endorse their products and service all over social media platforms. Between Instagram athletes and Youtube creators, the influencer market is saturated with capable brand ambassadors.

Whether you are a new type of tea or a web design service, the tactic of leveraging influencer marketing is something that will push your brand forward. The method is applicable over multiple platforms, whether you have a representative promote via social media or star in an advertisement.

Keep reading to learn about what this marketing tactic actually entails, the benefits behind it, and how you can execute it effectively:

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying and researching individuals and groups that are able to engage with customers through high impact conversations about certain products, services, or brand.

The key focus of influencer marketing is the relationship building that the influencer does, the level of engagement they are able to retain with specific markets. They are able to pick up on substantial connections both between the brand and themselves and the potential customer base and themselves.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  1. Wide audience reach: Influencer marketing focuses itself on the influencer’s following. With the reach that influencers already have, there is no need for additional funding or testing for an audience. This is why picking your influencer is important. You want to ensure that the person or group that you choose is able to effectively promote your brand.
  2. Trust is established: The following of an influencer already has a relationship with the person which means that trust and credibility already exists in that bridge. By choosing someone who has built in trust, your brand will be trusted when marketed down that avenue.
  3. Building meaningful partnerships: As more influencers becomes associated with your brand, you gain a better rapport with that type of network which could extend to further offers or potential relationships for other eventized promotions.
  4. Improves SEO ranking: Since influencers are credible not only to their following but their profiles and pages also help with boosting SEO on search engines, the ranking goes higher. Search engines also look for unique content and social shares to boost rankings and influencer marketing fits into both of these categories.
  5. Social media algorithms: If you are familiar with social media platforms, you know that they are constantly changing their algorithms to present the most relevant and engaging content. Influencer marketing helps to mitigate this as the content created for that method is usually the best and most engaging. Thus, it beats the algorithm through live videos, account takeovers, etc.  

Objectives of Influencer Marketing

When it comes to the results and purpose of influencer marketing, there are a variety. The following are the top goals of this method.

  • Improving brand image: working with a mass amount of influencers will increase the network your brand’s name and reputation
  • Improve sales conversions: the more reliable your influencers are, the more their audience will be influenced leading to more sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction: with influencers having a much more engaging platform, your customers will be able to get their questions answered about the product or service provided

Best Ways to Utilize Influencer Marketing

Finding the best fit for your marketing campaign is important – this means picking an influencer who fits your niche and lives by it. Otherwise the marketing efforts focused around this individual will fail if the audience does not mesh with the target market.

At the same time, ensuring that your offer to the influencer provides value into their life. It may be easy to implement a product or service into someone’s life for marketing material but the more value your brand provides, the more naturally the influencer can integrate their lives around your brand.

Lastly, providing both creative resources for your influencer to use and the creative freedom for them to market your brand will allow for a flow of content that both represents the authenticity of the brand without being too restrictive.

Find out how your brand can best utilize influencer marketing to maximize value. Contact our team to learn more about the new tactics that will help your business stay ahead of the game.