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ChatGPT Content Penalized By Google – Choose The Right Content Writers

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and released to the public in November of 2022. People have been using the service for any writing tasks you can think of which raises curiosity about its potential in our daily lives. ChatGPT can generate advanced and creative text based on written prompts and even engage in conversations that resemble human interactions. Its strength lies in its ability to explain complex topics and perform simple writing tasks, providing concise and expert responses to prompts. Though we cannot deny this impressive tool has contributed immensely to the world of content writing, a mix of AI writing and human content writers is needed for the perfect content marketing recipe.

With all the newness, there is an understanding that Google may move to penalize content generated by its competitors. Google has a history of penalizing auto-generated content that it deems low quality in accordance with its spam policy. While Google provides access to a wide range of websites and information, ChatGPT offers a human-like perspective and straightforward explanations for specific topics. However, Google remains more reliable and comprehensive, with a larger operations budget and years of expertise. ChatGPT is still in testing and may experience downtime. Though Google remains the primary search engine for most users, ChatGPT offers a useful alternative for specific tasks and situations, such as drafting a letter or seeking concise explanations for complex topics.

Despite its limitations, many digital marketers have found ChatGPT to be a useful tool for creating online content such as blog articles or social media posts. To address the possibility of incorrect outputs, it’s recommended to engage an editor to verify the result. A human content writer is still necessary in the process of creating long lasting impactful content. It’s important for marketers to consider the potential impact of ChatGPT-generated content on SEO. 

360 Business Local offers professional content development services that can help your business thrive without the worry of penalties. Our high-quality on and off-site content production services provide numerous benefits, such as boosting your bottom line, driving business by increasing desired user actions, building an authoritative online presence, and significantly decreasing bounce rate. By providing well-written content, you can position yourself as an industry authority. On the other hand, poorly written content campaigns can harm your brand’s credibility. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and unfocused or irrelevant content can make it difficult to trust your brand as an industry authority.

One key metric that measures the effectiveness of your website is the bounce rate. If people are bouncing off of your website, it means that they are not clicking on your call-to-action prompts, converting into contacts, or learning about your brand. High bounce rates are typically caused by low-quality or uninformative content presented in a format that is not user-friendly.

Content has an obvious main message or clear “thesis” that answers questions that the writer anticipates will arise for the user. At 360 our content is tailored to the appropriate audiences and meets a specific need. We ensure it has a streamlined call-to-action process with clear steps outlined to connect the user to your products or services.
Professionally formatted with clear headings, subheadings, and stylish copy and images to attract wandering eyes, in addtion to an effective content that is free of any significant errors.

Clear and concise information is crucial to users, who often have multiple tabs open when searching for information. In fact, users typically spend just three seconds determining whether a website meets their specific needs. Therefore, a cramped, disorganized, or poorly designed site layout can be frustrating and prevent your brand from capturing consumer interest in this competitive online environment
Even high-quality content can be dismissed if it is presented inefficiently. That’s why 360 Business Local’s content development strategy prioritizes accessibility and engagement, ensuring your content is able to attract and hold the attention of modern users.

Balancing information and engagement is key to keeping users informed and interested. Spending too much time on your company’s inner workings can bore readers and cause them to disengage, while providing too little information can result in low conversion rates and an unclear understanding of your products and services.