Digital Marketing Dos and Don’ts During the Pandemic Crisis | Digital Marketing

Well, the marketing world has changed its angle on everything since COVID-19 (Coronavirus) happened. It’s an unprecedented time when nothing but information plays a crucial role in branding and living up to the sentiments of the consumers. When it comes to digital marketing, several factors including the changing buying behaviour of consumers is significant. We’re still not sure about the future of digital marketing in the forthcoming months but it’s essential to make informed decisions while practising online marketing. We’ve earned the reputation of serving our clients as one of the organic marketing agencies in Toronto and will continue to deliver to your expectations.

We at 360 are making this small effort to educate you about the dos and don’ts of digital marketing in the current scenario. Being a trusted digital marketing agency in Vaughan, we believe in spreading awareness that may help you adapt useful marketing trends. Whether you own a business or a marketing professional, these guidelines will not only educate you but serve as a great treat during this lockdown. 

Here are the dos:

Effective digital marketing solutions:

Shifting your existing marketing plan is important during this time and we can’t stress enough on the fact that we’re no longer living the usual days. Nothing but tweaking the old practices here and there can get you there as people are at home and consuming online content like never before. Start with researching the trending keywords that reflect your business and insert them into your online content. Revitalize your own branding by updating your blogs, SEO strategies, email marketing content and what not! 

Stress over your social media networks:

You can never go wrong with social media platforms during this lockdown as most of us spend time surfing through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels. Even if your channels are flooded with COVID-19 updates, don’t forget to circulate your branding posts. Make them informative and casual enough to attract the attention of your audience. 

Focus on your paid campaigns: 

Paid ads are evergreen, so don’t overlook the branding ads that you’ve planned over the months. Make a strong statement during this time by updating your company ads with people-related content and make them about your audience. Sort out your most important campaigns and transfer your budget into them. 

Here are the don’ts:

Say no to wrong information: 

Spreading out the false information is the worst thing to consider. Therefore make sure that the content you’re feeding people is nothing but the truth. Earning a brand reputation isn’t a cakewalk, whereas ruining it with wrong data is easier than ever.  Be it a blogpost, emailer or social media post, never share enticing but deceitful content with your consumers. Double-check or if necessary don’t hesitate to review your digital feeds several times before posting. 

Be careful with numbers:

Adding valuable numbers, records or data along with your online content is a smart move, but make sure they are accurate. For instance, if you’re planning to talk about your recent orders or discounts on some specific products, don’t falsify by adding vague numbers. This practice will help you gain a long-term reputation in the industry. 

If you’re still not sure about organizing your marketing plan according to the current crisis, we’re here to help! 

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Loei, Thailand - May 10, 2017: Hand holding samsung s8 with mobile application for Instagram on the screen

Instagram Shoppable Posts: How to Use Them to Increase Your Online Sales | Digital Marketing

It’s official. Instagram’s shoppable posts are all the rage in 2020. In March 2018, Instagram rolled out this new feature to 45+ countries, allowing a small volume of pre-approved companies to tag products in their posts. Fast forward two years later, it’s taking over social media as we speak. 

It now allows the user to finish the entire transaction on Instagram itself from product discovery to purchase.

For more up-to-the-minute news like this, be sure to follow 360 Business Marketing on social media. We’re a trusted local SEO company in Vaughan with our finger on the pulse of the most effective marketing tactics to help your business get ahead and stay ahead.

As a digital marketing company, we felt we simply couldn’t give this one a miss. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to use shoppable posts and how they can benefit your business.

Instagram Shoppable Posts: Next-Gen Marketing

Instagram has revamped itself to become a business-friendly app. Given that 200 million users visit one or more business profiles daily on Insta, it’s easy to see why. 

What are shoppable posts exactly? As a business, you can connect your Facebook product catalogue to your Insta account, and tag a product in a post to provide the user with a “Tap to View Products button.” 

On a business’s Insta page, these shoppable posts are marked with a shopping bag icon at the top-right corner. To make it even more convenient, Instagram allows users to browse through your business’s “Shop” items from your profile. 

The user will then be able to view the product and complete the purchase without ever leaving Insta. Pretty nifty, right?

Who is allowed to share products with consumers on Instagram? You will need to create an Instagram Business Account that is synced to a Facebook Product catalog. To set up a Business Account, all you have to meet specific eligibility criteria and abide by Insta’s guidelines. Once that’s done, you will be ready to promote your products via shoppable posts!

Does Instagram charge for shoppable posts? At the time of writing this, the service is completely free. But it is likely that Instagram might capitalize on it at some point. 

How Can Shoppable Posts Benefit my Business?

Bottom line, it comes down to your conversions. Are shoppable posts really that beneficial for your brand and your consumers? Make sure to do your research before adding shoppable posts to your marketing strategy to figure out the answer to this. 

There is a strong argument for realistically considering shoppable posts though. For one, these are very simple to set up. Through your business profile, you can tag images; the tags double up as product descriptions for the items on sale. Each of these tags can be expanded to provide more details like the product name, description and price.

Given that over 800 million people are on Insta, it’s highly likely that your target audience lives there as well. This is a great opportunity to reach them and seal the deal. People usually use this app on their mobiles which means they don’t have all the time in the world to read extremely detailed descriptions. By keeping things very simple, you enable potential consumers to make quick decisions!

Considering that it’s free, that’s all the more reason to take Insta’s niftiest feature for a whirl.

Curious to Learn How to Use Social Media to Increase Conversions?

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