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How to Boost Conversions in 2021 Through Powerful SEO Content Marketing

2020 has activated a progressive online commitment to maximizing customer engagement. Engaging web content can turn temporary visitors into loyal customers through strategically maneuvered conversion methods. The more visitors you attract to your site, the greater the chance of a high conversion rate.

360 Business Marketing is here to increase positive brand perceptions and increase your sales by establishing your business as a front-runner amongst competitors. Clear SEO content marketing can help create a trusting relationship between your company’s services and customers.

We are a skilled business marketing company that will boost your business and website cultivate leads, create an energetic liaison between you and your consumer and skyrocket your conversion rate through reliable SEO content marketing.


How Content Marketing Can Create Paying Customers 

Constructing a concise and powerful marketing strategy will result in a high conversion rate. Ecommerce businesses have been booming since the COVID-19 pandemic as 40% of employees is working remotely. Increasing user preferences and improving user experience will only make them want to come back and purchase your products and services.

Content marketing, simply put, can help your company stay afloat during harsh times and positively differentiate it from its competitors. While site conversion is crucial for your company, content marketing establishes dynamic perceptions in helpful other areas such as blogs, guides and additional inspiring content.


Decrease Your Bounce Rate, Increase Your Conversion Rate

 75% of Google users don’t go to the second page. Be in the top 25% and help your business stay alive even through unprecedented times. Ensure your company is at the forefront of a user’s search page by following our tips and tricks:


Tip 1) Generate Clever Headlines:

Headlines are what nudges the user to read more. If your title encourages people to read on, make them laugh or subscribe to your service, you have created a powerful caption. Excite your visitors by keeping your headline between 5 to 10 words and incorporating active keywords like ‘Save’ or ‘Now’. 


Tip 2) Create Urgency:

The old saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword” is still relevant in our technologically saturated world. Creating a sense of urgency in your content implies that your product might not be available in the near future. The power of ‘Buy Now!” can increase your sales by 332% through the implementation of low-stock alerts and countdown timers for sales.


Tip 3) Establish a Persuasive CTA

To convert visitors into paying customers, ensure you have a powerful call-to-action button. Whether it’s influencing them to sign up for a free trial, buying a product or subscribing to your business’ newsletter, secure a sale with a powerful CTA.


Tip 4) Optimize Content For Buy-Keywords

Use positive keywords such as ‘free’, ‘new’ or ‘low-price’ to engage customers and convert them into buying your products and services. Including your SEO keywords naturally in your header and focusing on popular user preferences can drastically improve your sales and overall conversion rate.


Tip 5) Create How-To Guides

How-To guides are simple and effective in lowering your bounce rate. 61% of consumers make a purchase based on how-to content that is found on a website. Wow! The reason backing up this statistic is the fact that your product is front and center from the beginning of the visitor’s journey. One-click on a How-To video is much more effective than having to scroll through pages of non-relevant content.


Turn Your Website Into a Viable Profit – Hire Our Business Marketing Company Today!

A strong customer relationship will help your business succeed long-term while poor customer satisfaction can financially crumble your business. After all, what viable brand exists today without the use of a vibrant Instagram page, a juicy video or smart marketing?

To make your stand above the competition and increase your conversion rates contact us here for all your content marketing inquiries. 


How to Make a Splash With Your Social Media Efforts These Holidays!

Have you started decking up your social media platforms for the holiday season? If you haven’t yet, then you can consider it as the need of the hour. 

As a business owner, you need to plan a social media strategy that is hard as nails and boosts your profit margin around the time of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Boxing Day, Christmas and the rest of the winter holidays. 

Holiday seasons are meant to drive sales for your business to a greater extent and there is no better way to achieve success, than conquering the world of social media. Whether it is an effective Facebook campaign or Adwords management according to your brand’s goal, prepping for these things takes serious effort. 

360 Business Local is one of the all-purpose business marketing companies in Vaughan, specialized in assisting you to reach your making goals this holiday season! We bring you the most effective social media trends creating a buzz this season!

So, here we curated some easy-breezy Social Media Strategies for your business to shine.

Let’s dive in!


Revamp your Social Channel

The first and foremost step is giving your social media presence a pleasant facelift. Adopt the Holiday vibe and work on the appearance of your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Customize your pages according to the campaigns that you are planning to run this season. 


Here are some instances for your better understanding-

  • Change the banner on your home page, keeping the ongoing festive vibe in mind.
  • Update your avatar, links and bio.
  • Promote your most recent campaigns on the home page.
  • Create a holiday special hub, where you have all the holiday special products or services listed.
  • Come up with a unique hashtag for your campaign and a coupon code to add in your bio.


Plan Smart, Plan Early

As they say, prevention is better than cure, follow the saying and plan your social media strategy before the holidays start knocking on our doors. Set your goals and make a list! This will help you in prioritizing your brand’s marketing requirements. 


Ask yourself a series of questions before creating a strong social media strategy


  • What is the best objective that defines your holiday social campaign?
  • Are you only focusing on marketing and promotion?
  • Who is your target audience this time?
  • What is the best content strategy you want to adopt this year?
  • How many resources are required? 
  • How long are you planning to run these campaigns?


Give Sponsored Content a Shot

Running sponsored content is one of the most effective ways to catch the attention of your clients. According to the researchers, the average number of people in America click on 8 Facebook Ads each week. 

Be it a small business targeting local customers or a huge brand that is focusing on a broad audience base, Facebook sponsored ads work dramatically irrespective of the size of the business. 

Perks of using sponsored Content/Ads on Facebook-

  • It allows you to set your audience preference based on gender, geographic area, consumer behaviour, age, etc.
  • You can set your daily budget and run the ads at certain times of the day.
  • Your sponsored Facebook Posts come up as a regular post on your news feed. 
  • Due to the regular appearance, it creates a lot of engagement with the customers.
  • Holiday seasons are the best times of the year when you can increase your business revenue with Facebook Ads and Campaigns.


Keep a Versatile Approach

A great Social Media Strategy involves multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. and also reflects several types of content like videos, infographics, GIFs, and images. So, when you are setting up a social media strategy for the Holiday season, make sure to include versatility in your content game. 

It is believed that a versatile social media approach highers the business reach by 60% and tiny things like the colour of the logo, designs and creativity of the media can induce attention. 


Follow these tips!

  • Give your logo a personalized touch
  • Add emotional values in your content to connect with your audience
  • Speak directly to your clients through your content
  • Keep posting content regularly
  • Follow a consistent tone to personalize your brand
  • Be authentic and creative


Chop-Chop! Start Strong and Start Today. 

Well, we all know it takes time to get there, but at 360, we’d love to guide you through the process! Make it fun, make it easy! Get in touch with us today!