Suspicious Google Signals Leave Unanswered Questions for Franchise Marketing Companies

Webmasters and franchise marketing companies have been abuzz over the past week about Google’s changing rankings. Though Google is notorious for their small-scale ranking tweaks, these recent changes have sent out stronger signals that what we have come to expect from the online conglomerate.

In fact, the changes being observed look a lot like what we have seen when Google releases a new or updated ranking algorithm, but with nothing new scheduled for the immediate future, franchise marketing companies are scrambling for answers.

Are best practices for franchise marketing companies about to change again?

Probably not. We know that Google Panda 4.2 is still in the process of rolling out, and these signals may simply be measurable signs of these changes. However, these signals continued October 20th through October 21st, leading many to speculate about some as-yet unannounced ranking adjustments being made by Google.

Rest assured that 360 will keep you posted – we’re teetering on the cutting-edge as usual, and are ready to pounce on any new signals that are announced to keep your business on top of the search listings!


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