7 Common Fears Business Owners have About SEO

Digital Marketing and SEO in particular are still fairly new practices, especially to the average Generation X business owner who might see the practice as nothing more than made-up voodoo. Some who have heard of SEO (search engine optimization) may have a  negative connotation around the practice; perhaps they had a negative experience with a so called “SEO Expert” or they read a scalding article about it on Forbes. We are here to dispel these often untrue rumors and clear up any misconceptions you may have about using SEO for your business. Read our blog below and see why you should embrace the power of search engine optimization!


  • It’s Too Convoluted – I Don’t Understand It!

At the start, SEO can seem like a very abstract process. It is common for newcomers to be frustrated with this complicated idea and disregard it. In the end, SEO is not brain surgery; however, it is SEO’s ever-evolving nature that can put off many from learning the industry or stop a business from deeming it as a necessary expense. We suggest reading some digital marketing blogs about SEO (we recommend Moz, who has a whole blog category for SEO Basics) to really understand the benefits of digital marketing and SEO.


  • It Will Cost Too Much!

A huge advantage of SEO is that you can typically find a price point for any budget. Of course, smaller budgets will target less competitive queries that have less monthly searches, but it will be a good way to quantify and understand what is resulting from your digital marketing experts SEO ventures. From this, you can choose to either continue at this price point, or raise the stakes a bit to really see results!

Just a side note, while you might feel SEO is expensive, we see it as the opposite. Tradition forms of marketing and advertising are much more costly, and with often-times non-quantifiable results. A television commercial is often much too costly for a business owner, but a video ad before a Youtube video might be more within their reach.


  • It Will Take Too Long

We’re going to be honest: SEO takes time. This is not a one-and-done solution to your business problems. However, knowing that SEO will often take at least a few months to show real results, you can rest easy knowing your competitors won’t beat you to the punch.

How long will your SEO effort take to show you results? There’s no answer for that, and any digital marketing company that offers a first-page result in a month or two is likely untrustworthy, at best. Often times, you can expect to see changing within the first 6 months, but a year of SEO efforts is usually where you see the big-ticket winners.

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