Responsive Website Design 101

Responsive web pages are surging in popularity, and many companies are anxious to have their website responsive and captivating to viewers. Earlier in 2015 Google released an online tool to test if your site is mobile friendly or not, those sites that are fully responsive will pass the test and will be kept on smartphone search results that count to nearly half of all searches.

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What is a responsive web design? This design is an interesting approach to web design that provides an above and beyond viewing experience. Not only is the web page easy to read, but it is responsive to actions such as scrolling or adjusting window size. This entices the visitor to continue reading and exploring the website. This approach translates well to other forms of internet browsing, such as mobile. Responsive web pages adjust and optimize its’ content for the viewer, ensuring they have an easy to read and aesthetically pleasing web page. Here, we will break down some vital responsive web page terminology.

  • Fluid Grids

What is a fluid grid? The concept of a fluid grid is crucial to understand when trying to master the idea of responsive web pages. Liquid layout describes the aforementioned webpage design that resizes text along with the window. Fluid grids include this, but goes beyond just text.  Fluid grids will adjust all the elements to be proportional to the adjusted screen size. There is one downside to fluid grids; if the width becomes too narrow and thin, the design can be distorted to the point of illegibility. This might make way for complications on mobile searches that will not exist on desktop viewing.

  • Media Queries

CSS3 media queries is the next portion of responsive website design. CSS3 media queries will allow your website to gather necessary information about the visitor on the site, and it will use this information to make an optimal viewing experience for that specific visitor in CSS. For example, if you gather that the user is on a mobile device, your website can be optimized for their mobile screen, ensuring that all content is easy to read and find.

There is a plethora of information and tutorials available in online resources that are easily accessible. Learn about the benefits of responsive website design and implement it to your company websites, and reap all the added benefits!

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