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Online Reputation Management: Part 2

If you own a small business and want to track your online reputation, these tools are essential on your endeavours! Read part one here, and then continue on for more useful reputation management sites and software below!

  • Trackur

We have recommended other tools for this purpose before (such as IFTTT), but each over different incentives and suit different needs.

This handy tool is a social media tracker that give you notifications any time your company name is mentioned. Trackur also offers built in analytics, meaning you can track and analyze data and trends that arise from your social media mentions. However, Trackur is not free. However, for $27 a month, it’s a good affordable option for new or small businesses.

  • Naymz

To efficiently track your social media influence, there is no better tool than Naymz.

The RepScore feature in this app helps you gauge your “rating” of influence across various social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). It also has other built in tools that help you track your traffic, compare your ranking to competitors, enhance your company’s brand reputation, and monitor your mentions across social media. Naymz basic is free, and premium packages starts at only $12 a month.

  • Brandseye

Brandseye consolidates many tools for reputation management into one easy to use platform. With Brandseye, you can track your mentions, conversions, and metrics all at once.

You can get an exact location of where mentions of your company are originating, and use that as a measure of where your potential customers lay. Brandseye is a pricier option compared to the previous tools we have discussed, and packages start at $220 a month. However, it offers many more features than other platforms.

Reputation management is crucial in your new or small business. Have your reputation managed by contacting 360. Call us at (416) 619-7935 today!
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