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Online Reputation Management: Part 1

Do you own a small business, and assume there is little online about your company that you did not publish or post yourself? You’d be surprised by the amount of mentions your company can get online.  Sometimes, these can benefit you; other times, not so much.

What are people saying about your company on the internet and via social media networks, and how can you address potentially damaging reviews and comments?

We have crucial tools for online reputation management strategies that will help you find and deal with reviews or comments that could negatively affect your online rep. Keep reading our blog below for more info, or contact an online reputation management specialist at 360 Business Local today!


With If This Then That, you can create “recipes”- essentially, they are commands that are executed if something specific happens. For example, you can make a recipe that will alert you via email anytime your company name is mentioned somewhere. This will give you the ability to respond in a timely manner to any potentially damaging social media mentions, which is crucial for reputation management.

You can make this recipe by selecting “Create” in the action bar, and clicking “this”. Here you can select the “Feed” icon (this is your trigger channel), and then choosing “New Feed Item matches”. Type in your keyword (your company name or URL, for example). Finish this step by clicking “Create”.

Next, you will need to set the action that will happen once your “this” is triggered. Simply click the blue “that” and select the email icon and click “Send me an email”. You can create an email that will send to you when your company is mentioned online.

  • IceRocket

IceRocket is the ideal website to use when you want to search blogs and social media sites for specific search terms. You do not need an account to use IceRocket, simply write you search term in the search bar and choose the venue you want to scan (such as Facebook).

Here, you can quickly find any and all mentions of your website, company, or even specific employees. This will allow you to address any concerns, enquiries, or complaints, even if they were specifically sent to you.

Reputation management is a full time job. Get this, and all other online matters taken care of by contacting 360. Call us at (416) 619-7935 today! Interested in doing your own management? Stay tuned for part 2!

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