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Mythbusting 5 SEO Fallacies

The SEO world is a burgeoning one that many business owners are now just being introduced to. Because of its novelty, SEO is plagued by myths and misconceptions. In today’s post, our SEO company tackles five SEO fallacies; read on as we mythbust five common misconceptions about search engine optimization!

  • “SEO is a one-and-done expense.” SEO isn’t a “one and done” expense: it’s a long-term investment. Many business owners and franchisees fail to appreciate the “long game” when it comes to SEO. If SEO efforts aren’t maintained, your web presence, traffic, time on site, and conversion rates will drop off, too. Without SEO maintenance, link degradation, evolving search engine algorithms, outdated content, and the competition’s campaigns will bury you.
  • “Link building is dead.” Google recently took manipulative link builders to task, hammering these exploitative SEO-engineers with penalties. But that doesn’t mean that link building as a strategy is worthless; in fact, it’s still an extremely important part of SEO strategy. Avoid non-relevant, scaled approaches to link building, but don’t neglect it entirely! A reputable SEO company will build links in a number of natural and effective ways. You can learn more about our link building strategy by contacting our SEO company at (416)-619-7935.
  • “I just want to rank #1 for ______ (keyword).” No, you really don’t! Limiting your SEO and web marketing campaign to ranking for one keyword is a big mistake. Granted, a realty agent might get some good traffic and conversions from a #1 rank for “real estate agent in Markham,” but they’d get many more by creating solid content that pushes broad – but related – topics. The real goal should be to attract visitors because your content matches their needs, not because they happened to type in the magical keyword phrase you spent your entire marketing budget on. You’ll attract many more clients this way, and they’ll be more relevant and ready to buy than those who were directed to your site via keywords alone.
  • “Google hates SEO companies!” Google is definitely hostile to manipulative SEO, but they’ve stated publically that an SEO company can “improve your site and save time.” Google even released their own SEO Starter Guide at one point – not the kind of behaviour you’d expect from a company that “hates” SEO, right?
  • “SEO is all tricks and cheats!” Again, this point boils down to the important distinction between manipulative and ethical SEO. While manipulative SEO might involve a lot of tricks – spamming links, saturated content with keywords to the point of illegibility, and so on – ethical SEO companies are different. Quality SEO isn’t about hacking Google algorithms: it’s about improving the browsing experience for the user, boosting site speed, increasing exposure through links and mentions, structuring data for clarity, and making your business more discoverable to crawlers and clients alike.

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