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Mobile Web Design vs. Desktop Web Design


There is no denying the explosive popularity of mobile web searching in the recent years. The rising popularity of mobile searching leaves small business owners with the unquenchable need to ensure that their websites are optimized for mobile viewing. This is especially true after the appearance of “mobilegeddon”- a Google algorithm update that favors mobile friendly websites on mobile searches. Here are some interesting thing to consider when thinking of updating your site to be mobile-friendly.

Know and Cater to your Audience

You know the demographic of your clients and customers better than anyone. How old are they? Where are they from? Most importantly, what platforms do they primarily use? It is vital to target the devices that your primary audience uses, and ensure that your website (or application!) is optimized for that platform.

Understand how mobile usage is performed

There are some misunderstanding that can stem when assessing how mobile users search the web. One rookie mistake is assuming that all mobile users are rushed and need instant gratification. This is true in many cases, however we also have to consider user who use mobile internet as a time-waster or procrastination enabler. These users will be on websites longer and will read more content, and their browsing may prove to be valuable to your and your business.

Desktop vs. Mobile Content

While the overall design and layout of desktop vs. mobile sites should be inherently different, content does not have to be. Unless in very specific situations where different content would be beneficial across platforms, for the most part, content should be reflections of each other. Nothing is more frustrating for a mobile viewer than having to click “go to desktop site” because they cannot find the information available on the mobile site. Of course, it will be near impossible to include every miniscule detail on your mobile version, but make logical decision on what to keep and what to get rid of.

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