How To Create an Ideal Mobile Browsing Experience

There’s no denying the weight of importance that mobile optimization bares on your business and your website. Mobile design is quickly reshaping the way we browse the internet, and how digital marketers plan their strategic ventures. Looking to really give your mobile site that usability that internet surfers need on your own? 360 Business Local is here to teach you the most important factors in mobile design and user experience. Make sure to take note of everything mentioned here and you will see a much higher satisfaction rate amongst your mobile visitors!

  • Make Your Images Matter

Perhaps the easiest (and most crucial) thing to look after when optimizing your mobile website is to look towards your images. If SEO is at all important to you (and it should be – it can make or break a business), then you need to be utilizing your images as a potential first page fodder.

Make your images “searchable”; you need to increase the chances that Google will crawl and decipher what your images are as much as you can. Make your image file and image caption as relevant to your business as possible! This is Google’s only hint to what the image could be, and whether or not it is relevant to mobile visitors.

  • Mobile Visitors Love Reviews; Make Them a Priority

We are a savvy generation of online surfers and buyers; you can expect any potential customer to do some research and look at reviews before committing to a purchase. Even if you do not have an online store but depend on leads generated from your website, making sure your reviews work for you is a huge and important task.

Ask your regular customers who leave reviews what compels them to do so, and try to sway new customers in this direction. Also make sure to engange and respond to your reviews, positive or negative. Thank those who leave satisfied reviews, and offers solutions to those who leave unhappy ones. Prospective clients and customers will see this engagement and see that you help build strong relationships between you and your clientele base. Want bonus points? Encourage customers to post other forms of media along side their review, such as photos or videos. These gives reviews credibility and help potential or undecided customers see if your product or service is what they are looking for.

  • Keep Content Short and Succinct for Mobile Viewers

There is one basic rule of mobile design: simplicity trumps all. Mobile visitors are not there to read one thousand word web pages, they are there to gather the essence of your website, product, and services in a few quick clicks.

Shortening your content, especially on pages where mobile visitors are most likely to land, helps to cater to the specific needs of this audience. Moreover, Google actually takes content length into consideration when reviewing desktop vs. mobile sites.

See the importance of mobile design, but are not sure where to start? Have a mobile marketing expert do it for you! Click here or call (416) 619-7935 to learn more!

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