Site Performance Test and Optimization

Amazon shared their own experience stating that every 100ms delay costs 1% of sales!

A site performance test allows you to observe how your website truly performs on mobile devices and desktop devices. We will run page fetch tests and generate a report including; the speed of your website, responsiveness, mobile responsiveness, user experience, coding errors, crawl errors, and other problems which can arise.

Performance of your website can be measured in multiple ways – we follow the Google score range of 0 to 100 (higher means better). The insights we collect in the process can improve the performance of time to above the fold load, time to full page load and overall page load including elements like images, CSS, JavaScript, HTML/PHP as well as to negotiate better hosting server platform, plan or server settings with the hosting provider.

By measuring your site using a technical method, 360 will be able to decipher how quickly a page loads and how many bytes are transferred. Your site can also be tested by perceived performance.  This will be conducted by having users navigate around your site and then documenting how pleased they are with the speed of your interface.

By using mobile analysis, 360 can determine if your site functions well on a mobile platform. Some sites do not adapt to a mobile devices screen or platform which interferes with a user’s navigation and experience. Users should be able to experience a high optimized site regardless of what device they are using.

By investing in a faster and user friendly page you will see an increase in the number of visitors to your website, higher retention, and conversions. 360 will assist you in the optimization process to enable excellent function and operation of your site.