Online Franchise Marketing

When operating a franchise with three or more locations, efficient marketing strategies are required to increase traffic through the front door. In order to adapt to a dynamic market and ensure your franchise’s sustainability, detailed reports are included, providing details on budget use towards generating conversion and visibility.

Your franchise needs to stand out and be seen by the right people. People who need your products or services as well as potential franchise purchasers. You need to be found by the right audience and that requires marketing experience and commitment.

We dedicate our time to your campaign to help boost results.

We understand the daily needs of a franchise operation and are well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during the course of our marketing administration work.

At 360, we work on a single budget which enables the provision of detailed monthly reports. These reports detail growth in visibility and relevant traffic, as well as outline how conversions improve over time to increase revenue stream back to your office locations.

Our goal is to increase client traffic to your franchise locations. We do this by targeting and filtering. We only deliver the ‘juice’ to your locations, the people who are local and have a need for your companies services.

Most campaigns have up to 70% garbage traffic. We can help increase your effectiveness.

Franchising Concept - Hit Target.

Local Business Listings are extremely important for your business. This is often a step that gets overlooked which is unfortunate as it is very simple yet very effective. Your local business listing is the map listing that shows up when people search for your specific business, or a related business on Google.

Having and maintaining a Google+ page is vital as it contains all important information about your business including hours, maps, reviews and even a 360 of the interior.

Knowing your radius is vital to putting your franchise on the map. Everyone that lives or works in the area surrounding your franchise is a potential customer. Target the people in your neighbourhood by getting your brand out there. Send flyers to nearby areas to introduce your business.

Social Media is essential not only as a marketing tactic but also for communication with customers. There are multiple social media channels to choose from, but instead of signing up for all of them and neglecting some over others start with one or two. Employ a strategy and create a content calendar that schedules posts for you. Some channels to use would include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

These days, franchisors have implemented a centralized marketing program which pools all the funds from franchisees into a single system. This results in the franchisor having greater marketing power.

Your marketing program should be driving clients through your doors.

360 offers a free audit of your existing marketing campaign. We do a complete website analysis as well as a competitor analysis. Checking to see what type of keywords are being used to promote your franchise on Google, and see the type of traffic you are attracting. We will see if your ads serve the purpose of the search.
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