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Analyzing your Google traffic allows for us to determine what’s working for you and what’s working against you. The purpose of digital marketing is to spread a wide net of relevant keywords to a well defined set of geographies for which you need to be found for. Once this is done, your relevant traffic will increase and your signals will also improve (i.e. time on site, bounce rate, traffic volumes from specific locations, demographic targeting and of course, revenue). We look specifically for any major drops in traffic on a time line; are they possibly linked to a Google algorithm change? If so, is this as a result of a penalty? Improving your analytic signals will increase your authority in your domain, attract more search traffic – both paid and organic – and contribute to more leads through your funnels.

There is a myriad of methods in which we utilize the analysis of your Google traffic in order to determine the best course of action needed to make sure your website is running like a well oiled machine.

The main areas of your Google traffic that we focus in on is as follows:

What is the quantity and quality of leads that are being generated by your website’s Google traffic? It is vital that you look at where the traffic from Google is sourced from in order to determine the quality of leads being generated.

Are there any back-links that are harmful to your website? It is crucial that every single back link is checked, sourced and removed if deemed necessary.

What keywords are being used by your prospective customers and how can we integrate them into your website in order to generate more traffic?

Is your website experiencing traffic drops? If so, what is contributing to the drop in traffic? By isolating the variables which contribute to a loss, we will be able to remove what is damaging the credibility of your site to ensure the utmost quality traffic, leads and conversions.

Is your website experiencing traffic peaks? If so, what is contributing to the drop in traffic?

What is the current condition of the links that are connected to your site? Are they valid? Are they relevant?

What Google algorithm may be contributing to the peaks and pits of traffic that you are experiencing? How can we put the current Google algorithm to work so that it benefits your website and your Google traffic as exceptionally as possible?

What sorts of opportunities are available at the present time that will contribute to the increase in valuable Google traffic for your website?