Google+ Page Optimization

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Google+ Page Optimization


Google+ is a valuable opportunity for you to boost your brand’s visibility across Google’s various network of websites. The optimization of your profile will place your company in a position to be discovered by your specified target audience even if they are not using Google+ for social networking at all. This is because Google+ posts are indexed in the search engine, as it is in your profile. Social networks only allow for you to be found by others within your same network, but with Google+, you will be seen and exposed to everyone who uses the internet, further promoting your business’s products and services.

Unlike any other social media network, Google+ was created by Google in 2011 and is considered to be a relatively young platform. With it’s expedited growth and its demonstrating circle relevancy, the people who add you to their Google+ circles tend to have better fit with your business and are more likely to further interact with you in the future.

Because your business page and personal profile is linked to all of Google’s other services, i.e. maps, places, search etc., having an active profile is paramount for Google search rankings.

A great feature of Google+ is Google+ Authorship. This is meant for those who want to build authority within their respective industries. One way to do this is to make sure that your links and contributors links are visible and the other way is to link your Google+ profile page to all of your content that is available around the net; this could include your own website, your social media profiles, blogs or any other online media content you’ve contributed to.

When you build your authorship, you will then have your Google+ profile picture appear in Google search results, which will boost your CTR (click-through rate). By having this feature, your readers will be more willing to trust and refer to your content.

Google+ Authorship also allows you to use Google’s webmaster tools, author stats and analytic data which allows you to observe how you appear from any page on the web.

In order to claim authorship, you must have your email address on your Google+ profile from the main sites for which you create content for. You can provide direct links to your content from other sites on your Google+ profile under the “contributor to” section, including a link to your Google+ profile page for each piece of content.

By optimizing your Google+ profile page, you are essentially optimizing the content you input onto Google+. Everything you input on your Google+ profile page contribute to the overall branding and presentation of your business, so it’s vital that it is well though out, well put together and properly executed for your brand’s maximum benefit.