Google Maps Business Listing


Google Maps Business Listing

Google Maps

A strongly executed Google Maps listing provides your brand with minimal risk factor and maximum payoff potential and is an absolute asset for online marketing. By listing your physical location in Google Maps, you are making your services and products accessible and available to an enormous number of potential customers. By putting the details of your business location on Google Maps, in the form of pictures, video tours, reviews, hours of operation, address, etc., you instill the utmost confidence and assurance in the eyes of your prospective customers.

Google Map listings connects your business with local customers, which is an excellent way to attract new business and connect immediately and entirely with your business. 97% of consumers search for local business online, and by utilizing Google Map listings, you will be readily available to prospective customers who are looking for your specified products and services.

Google uses three types of indicators for local search rankings:

Relevance: the keyword matching of a business with the query of a user.

Prominence: the signal that Google uses to evaluate the overall popularity of your company in comparison to businesses just like yours

Distance: this is one of the primary local ranking signals used by and for Google Maps.

It is vital to the health and prosperity of your business to focus in on your local customer base by using Google Map listings to optimize your website and local directory listings.