Lead Generation Tips for Increasing Conversions

As quickly as the internet and online marketing grows, so do the consumers. Nowadays, getting a potential customer to see an ad is not enough to create a conversion. This web-savvy generation is actively avoiding falling into the trap of online ads, and will often purposefully avoid clicking on something they know is a paid advertisement. That’s where inbound marketing comes into play! The trick is to get creative with lead generation tactics, instead of sticking to old-fashioned and outdated techniques that the general consumer is more than aware of. Read our blog below and learn about lead generation tips that can up your conversion rates online!


  • Where is your Call-To-Action?


Think of where you eyes naturally go when you enter a new webpage. The top left is the instinctual starting point for most surfers. Because you can assume that most visitors won’t read every bit of content on the page, make sure your call to action is placed where you know your visitors will see it.


  • Non-Invasive Pop-ups


The word “pop-up” might immediately bring back some unwanted memories from the early 2000s, where any and all pop-up was a source of spam, viruses and links to unwanted websites. However, inbound marketing suggests using non-invasive and non-disruptive pop-ups can that sway any “on the fence” visitors to make an action. For example, if you own an ecommerce website, adding a subtle bottom-screen pop-up offering them a 10% discount on their order may be the reason a customer converts.


  • Utilise Anchor Text in Old Blogs


It was once said that photo CTA’s were the most effective form, since most online users are visual creatures. However, as previously discussed, online consumers actively avoid clicking on ads, and CTA banners or images do actively mimic ad styles. Instead, use related blogs that already exist and add an anchor CTA at the end


  • Promote Your Content Via Social Media


It’s no secret that social media is a low-cost way to promote top-of-the-funnel marketing and brand awareness, but it is also an untapped source for lead generation. Linking to new (and old!) blogs or landing pages that have had a positive history in terms of converting and lead generation can help bring attention to pages that might not be regularly seen, because they are not new content. Make sure that the intent is clear in your social media post, or else you risk inviting garbage traffic that increases your bounce rate.

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