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Choosing a Marketable Domain Name

Choosing a domain name sounds like a straightforward process, but in reality the wrong domain could cost you leads, traffic, and conversions. Do you simply make your domain your business name? Do you include your country of operation? What exactly goes into a well crafted domain name? A group of internet marketing professionals in Markham are here to offer you their expertise in creating a domain that will work for you and your digital marketing plan!

  • Branding Power

Say you want to start up a website about vegan recipes and dishes. You want a memorable, catchy, and easy to pronounce domain that rolls of the user’s tongue. Sure, might be factually correct, but it’s visually and verbally appalling. While being able to understand what the website entails to a T when looking at the domain is a plus, it’s not always necessary, or even possible. VeganRecipes would be a great domain that did just that, but what are the chances that it is free? Very unlikely. VeganHub, VeganCentral, VegLabs, or VeggieLife don’t exactly tell you what the website has, but they are short, appealing, plus easy to pronounce and remember.

  • The .com Advantage

While there are some instances where .com can be a disadvantage, the rule of thumb is that .com is the superior TLD extension. There’s a sense of reliability and familiarity that is associated with .com websites; they are tried and tested and less likely to be looked at as spammy nonsense. There are always exceptions to the rule; what if isn’t available for purchase, but is? If you have a short, real-word domain name available on another TLD extension that is well known (.ca, .net, .co, etc), then it can be brandable, and more beneficial than a wordy .com domain.

  • Use Broad Keywords Wisely

There’s no secret that utilizing keywords in your domain can help your SEO strategy in the long run. However, Google is always changing, and as of late we have seen evidence that Google is biasing against exact match keywords. Does that mean that you should avoid them in your domain? Well, no… but don’t force them in there either. If they flow with the intent of the website, then sure, go for it. For example, has keywords and is straight to the point; is just overkill.

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